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Probiotics (or yogurt to you and me) are recommended for pre-trip defense from Montezuma's Revenge, a condition that plagues even the most careful who peel or boil before eating. Ginkgo is said to help with altitude sickness, another travel condition that will be the rule of thumb as we ascend to altitudes of 13,000 ft. enroute to Machu Picchu. The air will be thin and the respirations will increase making hiking slow and sleeping difficult. Headaches and nausea are common as the body learns to acclimate. Medicine has been prescribed, but from my research of other travelers, side-effects outweigh the positive results; the main side effect being diarrhea (see above). Why on earth would I subject myself and child to these conditions? This week, five weeks away and counting, will be dedicated to fine tuning the supply list and breaking in the hiking boots. When the packs get here, we will fill them and practice carrying them through the rolling hills of Lake Iroquois to be somewhat conditioned for the trip. I'm sure this will be the ultimate embarrassment to M.

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