Me in Pompeii

man incased in whatever

streets of pompeii

streets of pompeii










more incased persons

the bathroom, ya i dont know how its a bathroom

Today we went to pompei. It was amazing, way bigger than i ever thought it would be. The ruins are very well preserved for how old they are. It was also really interesting to see there actual streets and there water fountains as well as the houses they used to live in. Most of the buildings are very well preserved and i could really get a feel for how pompei might have looked. And yes we did see the bones of people incased in the stony ash (Everyone that has heard i went has asked if ive seen them and there werent just people, but dogs as well). All the old pottery and stuff was behind locked gates and i was kinda sad we couldnt see it close up, but i understand that they have to do that because people would steal it. Well thats all for now ill be home in 2 weeks which is really exciting!!! See you all very soon

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