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Last evening I wrote about the Oasis RV Resort and I want to continue with information about this very nice place.

First, however, I will continue in the normal way, telling you about our evening, night and the day so far.

The wind continued to howl fiercely all evening. Rick & Sherry loaded Marilyn & I into the car and we drove to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner. While there we enjoyed a delicious dinner and shared great conversation, just enjoying our time together. We spoke of our friends that Rick & Sherry met in the RGV, and we had a toast to Jesse & Ginger.

Jesse & Ginger had requested that we say hello to Rick & Sherry for them.

After dinner we returned to the Resort and ended up at Rick & Sherry’s RV, playing Sequence. Rick and I joked about the wind and how the RV’s were rocking and rolling, with the canvas whipping noisily. It wasn’t all a joke though, and Marilyn & I wondered if any of us would be able to sleep after going to bed.

The wind did actually lessen somewhat, after 11:00 PM, and we slept pretty well.

This morning, I fixed the coffee and then Marilyn got out of bed to join me. After the coffee was gone, I pitched in to help out by making the bed and straightening the bedroom. I then took my shower and put on some clean clothing for the day.

Marilyn decided that we should have a big kettle of chili soup and play dominoes this afternoon.

With the cold wind whipping around, keeping it cool outdoors, in spite of the bright sunshine, we will stay pretty close to the comfort of our RV.

Now, I want to address the Resort we are visiting.

The Oasis RV Resort is part of the “Jewels of the Interstate” RV Park Network of Premium RV Parks.

They advertise the following amenities here at Oasis:

Free Wi-Fi (It works quite well)

Computer station for use of anyone staying here.

Free Cable TV (43 Channels on Cable, but you must use your antenna to get the local channels)

Free Laundry (4 New Washers and 4 New Dryers)

Swimming Pool (In the summer, they sell hot dogs, pizza and soft drinks)

Adults Only Spa

Spotless Showers

Clean Restrooms

RV Washing is allowed

Propane On-site

They have a building dedicated to Rally gatherings. Meals can be catered.

The beautiful building where you check in, is located at the opposite end from the Entrance to the Resort. They encourage you to select a site when you enter, and check in at your convenience.

This facility has leather furniture and a huge projection TV.

They have church services here on Sunday mornings.

They also have a shuffleboard game and other things here.

The price for Class B’s, Pop ups and pull trailers is $15 per night. Class C and fifth wheels pay $17 per night, while Class A’s are charged $20 per night.

I mention the low cost, but we don’t know how long that low price will be in effect. Management tells me that this price is good at least for the remainder of the year.

Marilyn & I intend to brave the fierce wind (Yes, it is blowing hard again!) to take pictures for you.

This RV Resort sits just south of I-40 at Exit 60, west of Amarillo, Texas.

This is a great stopover point if you are heading east or west through this area, and it is a super nice destination base for sightseeing in Palo Duro Canyon.

The “Big Texan Steak Ranch” is nearby and they will send a Limo to pick you up and return you to the Resort, after you enjoy the 72 oz steak, which is free if you can eat it all in one hour.

I have to tell my son-in-law about that! LOL

If you stop in and stay here at the Oasis, tell them that Ed & Marilyn sent you. We don’t get anything for that, but it would be nice if they remember us when we return.

So, we will spend the day with some warm food and a hot game of dominoes. LOL

We had some fun this afternoon, even with the wind blowing fairly hard.

I managed to eke out a win in the game of Mexican Train. Marilyn’s chili soup was a big hit. I had two bowls of it.

Rick and I went outdoors to put the bed cover on our truck. With the wind blowing, it was a two-man job to get things fastened down.

Rick also retrieved his extension ladder from the back of their truck and helped me to get one of the slide topper awnings straightened out.

After all of this wind, Marilyn & I are debating the pro and con of having the slide topper awnings taken off and stored away.

We went back inside and sat visiting and watching some golf on TV. Sheltered from the wind, being inside, with the bright, warm sunshine streaming in the window, we grew sleepy. Rick had his eyes completely closed. We made plans for tomorrow, which include exploring Palo Duro Canyon, and breakfast out.

So today draws to a close and we’ll just have to wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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