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Cielito Linda - notice Tanka's in 'restaurant'

Drove to to San Quintin and picked an out of town place to stay that we found in travel book. Hotel Cielito Linda was out on Bahia Santa Maria. The adjoining restaurant seemed to mainly receive business from the adjoining trailer park of expats. Good happy hour and good food. We walked the beach when we arrived and only saw a few others in the distance. And I have never seen so many sand dollars in one place, literally thousands...

I mentioned that it was April Fool's Day and Paul then remembered that it was Tatanka's birthday - appropriate if you know this dog. :) So yeah, we babied him throughout the day. :)Strange but cool place, Cielito Linda. Very old, in the middle of nowhere... a bit 'The Outer Limits' but not in a bad way.

Ate breakfast there the next morning and then on down the road...

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