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Doesn't look very far down there!

Sea lions basking in the fog

Headed to the top Wedding rock

Powerful waves

Finally reaching Agate Beach

Is it or isn't

See the people on the sand?


Still searching

Warning: don't pet the sea lion pups

Follow the trail

Did we awaken you?



Lady elk grazing

Approaching lagoon


More ladies grazing




Samoa cookhouse

Pacific Coast weather is not instantly love at first sight. Warm inland land air and cold Pacific air meet resulting in fog. Known as the "fog belt", one is not quite certain whether the sun will peek out or continue to be hidden by the fog shroud. This type weather spells HUMIDITY!! Much later in the day the sun becomes visible just in time to set. The locals say this is not out of the ordinary. The Redwood Forest areas are dense and soggy. You guessed it-allergy heaven for Corky & I. Patrick's Point State Park is famous for spectacular panoramas, rocky cliffs, hiking trails and sandy beaches. The Rim Trail follows an old Indian path over rock promontories. These serve as a great place for whale watching. You may as well start laughing now...trail length was only 3 miles & having read the literature on how to whale watch this would be a breeze. RIGHT! While the hike is short it is STEEP. We managed to climb atop Wedding Rock believed to be the best whale watching spot. Oh, yes, there go two whales, oh look at them...then along comes a deep swell...we are watching two stationary rocks! We were privileged to come upon two treats of nature-lagoons. This is sea water entrapped by a land mass separating it from the actual ocean. The lagoons support their own ecosystem. It is hard for you to determine their size; each measures +3-5 miles long. Impressive to see. We proceed along to Agate Beach, home to semi-precious gems. Our vision showed us hundreds of thousands of pastel/muted, smooth stones of small change size. Really only having seen the end result in a polished state, we come to the conclusion we are batting zero today. A young couple informed us of the sea lion resting on the beach. Other than being a bit fumy, it was cute and blubbery! With the ocean on one side, there are forests on the opposite side. One wouldn't expect to see the Roosevelt elk so close by. Not so quickly! When all else fails, eat! After a little nap, we enjoy a family style dinner at the only remaining cookhouse in the West called Samoa Cookhouse. This is an original,established 1873. Every lumber camp's hub of life was its cookhouse. Everything on the menu is made fresh...bread, dressing for salad, hearty meats and vegetables, and deserts. Guess where we are now? Plopped in our chairs moaning!

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