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When I write that: “we’ll just have to wait and see what adventures tomorrow has in store”, I mean it!

Some days we have plans for the next day and sometimes we simply allow life to show us what is in store.

Yesterday evening we thought that we would drive up to Roswell today, perhaps to visit the UFO museum, etc. We have never been there before so we weren’t certain what might be there.

This morning, when I carried the trash to the dumpster, I stopped in the office to talk about different things to do in this area. One of the ladies mentioned a remote place called “Sitting Bull Falls”. Now, I know that the Sioux Medicine Man called Sitting Bull, was never in this part of the country, so I wondered how this “Falls” got its name.

One more thing, whenever Marilyn & I have a choice between a natural feature which was created by God, or a Man made object, we’ll select God’s creation every time.

I used to fly with a guy who had little to no interest in anything other than airplanes. He was a skilled pilot, but no fun to travel with because he had no interest in anything other than airplanes.

For that reason, I often went sightseeing to places like the mountains or to Carlsbad Caverns, alone, because he preferred to stay in the hotel at the airport, so that he could watch airplanes all day.

To each his own, but he sure missed a lot!

Today, Marilyn & I chose to drive 32 miles out through the desert, to a very remote place called Sitting Bull Falls.

We didn’t expect much and we were pleasantly surprised.

The drive wound around on a two lane paved road, crossed many cattle guards, crossed over dry gulches, with warnings to watch for flash floods, and made its way through a canyon, to finally arrive at a parking area, with well maintained, nicely landscaped grounds and very nice picnic pavilions.

The cost was $5.00 per car to get in but our Golden Age Passport allowed us to do it all for free.

By the way, it was the same yesterday at Carlsbad Caverns. Free with the Golden Age Passport. What a bargain!

Marilyn & I wore a jacket because of the cool wind blowing, and walked the paved pathway to the falls.

It was so nice, scenic, and peaceful. The best thing I can do is simply show you pictures. For that reason, I am trying to post this journal early, while the Wi-Fi service is working better. It has given me fits lately and I wanted to give you more pictures, but I have been lucky to get what I did.

I read about the history of this place and they mentioned that no one knows how it got the name, but they think it was named for the Sioux medicine man.

So, we are back at the campground and I’ll see what I can do with this journal entry.

Tomorrow is moving day for us, and Rick & Sherry are already at Amarillo waiting for us. We hope to be parked on the site next to them so that we can visit easily.

Marilyn & I will be getting the RV ready to move this evening, before we settle in for the night. The hope is that we’ll get an early start tomorrow morning.

You never know for sure so we’ll just have to wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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