Feely Family National Vacation 2008-2009 travel blog

Miranda with a moo moo

watching the ducklings

Miranda with a real moo moo

Liam and Ethan

Another moo moo photo

Sara in her element

Sara again

Sara with a sheep

Fraser with the sheep


Liam and Fraser

Liam with a kid

Nicole cheerleader for pig 4....Bart and Pork Chop

The pigs ready to race

They are off and racing

The flying pig

And another

Rhiannon and Sienna


About to go on their ride

A motion photo

Rhiannon and Sienna with Liam behind

The kids enthralled with a floor cleaning machine

Sara's painting

Rhiannon's painting

Pirates revenge

Bumper cars

Sean and Miranda

Paul and Fraser

In our waterproof jackets!!!

All looking beautiful

Yes even I had to wear one ....

Just before the last ride before home

on the steam merry-go-round


Paul and Fraser

Sean, Miranda and Sara

The backseat kids on the bus home

Sara and Sienna

Sienna, Sara and Rhiannon

A Pirate's Revenge Photo

We woke early and were ready to go at 8am but were only to arrive at the Woodwards at 9am so we read the paper and chatted to our neighbours.

When we got to the Woodwards the kids were outside waiting for us and we walked to the main road to catch the bus to Olympic Park.

The children were so excited and did not stop chatting the whole way there.

When we got there we lined up and as Paul was pushing a stroller we were able to jump the queue!!!

We got our mandatory coffee and then headed to the farm animals where the children could pet and feed the baby animals. They had a fantastic time. We then met up with some of Nicole's and Paul's friends who informed us of the racing pigs so we lined up to watch them. It was a great show that sadly only went for ten minutes. Nicole was given the honour of being chief cheerleader for our area and was cringing when the ringmaster was about to ask her to make pig noises lucky for her he asked another.

We then went to the steakhouse where they were serving margaritas and had lunch....not a great lunch but still it hit the spot.

We then went to see more pigs and goats....the kids were not impressed so we then took them to Kiddieland where they all went on a ride before we headed to the Woolworths pavillion. This is my favourite as there are always new things to see and buy.

The kids patience was sorely tested and we finally headed out to the bigger rides but it was raining and not drizzling as I first thought. So we bought some rain protection and Nicole took Liam, Sienna, Rhiannon and Sara on the Pirate's Revenge ride, where they may get wet!!!! Whilst they were on that ride Sean and Paul took the younger ones for a ride on the bumper cars....Liam and Ethan soon joined them.

We were getting wet even though we had our rain capes on. I took the three older ones on the haunted ride whilst lining up the rain increased and Sean took Sara and Miranda into the Showbag area. As soon as the ride waqs over we met him and Paul there. The kids bought their bags except for Liam who could not find one that he could justify spending the money on ....so instead I gave him $25 to spend later.

We then took the little ones on the steam run Merry-go-round.

We gave them some hot chips to warm them before the bus ride back to Paul and Nicole's where we had pizza for dinner.

Even though it rained and was not conducive to seeing all of side show alley, we had a great time and the kids were pleasantly exhausted.

We drove home thinking that tomorrows packup will be horrid in the rain.

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