Feely Family National Vacation 2008-2009 travel blog

Lunching at Waygooze

The boys being boys


Sara with her Godparents

The Feelys

The three sisters pose infront of the Three Sisters

Nicole and I

The queen's viewing point

Sara and Nicole

Nicole taking a photo of the boys

The three cheeky ones!!!

Afternoon tea !!!

Champagne, Beer, Cheese and Dip what more could you need

The girls

The Woodwards met us at the cp and we followed them through some tolls and into a traffic jam that kept at a such a slow pace that Nicole was able to get out of their car and get stuff out of the boot.

We arrived at Leura intime for lunch. It is a beautiful town...another we will be moving to live!!! HA! HA!

We then went to see the Three Sisters....very pretty but Nicole and I would be better suited to the luxurious place across the road ....maybe next time we could book to stay there for a weeks retreat!!!

We then drove on to do the Devil's Mountain train ride. It was on a 51 degree drop and went through a tunnel. Rhiannon and Sienna screamed so loudly that it pierced our eardrums.

We then walked along the base learning about the mining that was the reason for the road to the mountains and the railway car ride.

We then lined up for a Cable car ride back up to the top of the mountains. This was beautiful even though squashy!!!!

We had afternoon tea before heading back to Sydney on a different route travelling through many other towns....Nicole did tell me the name of this route but I sadly forget.

We followed Sean and Paul with the boys but they sped off, so us girls decided to say that we ran out of petrol and had to walk to get going again....they did not believe us when we met up at the cp.

We were all exhausted so went our seperate ways and we put our kids to bed.

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