Feely Family National Vacation 2008-2009 travel blog

On the train to Wynaard


The Harbour bridge from the Opera House...Miranda, Sara, Sean, Liam and Rhiannon

Our touristy children

Darling Harbour walk

The James Craig

Rhiannon learning about the ringing of the bell on the Endeavour

Liam ringing the bell

Miranda as a submariner

Learning about the periscopes and the other instruments in a submarine

On the SS Vampire

Doing a night walk ...with the rangers

Liam and his ranger

Liam and Rhiannon and ranger Jo

A brushtailed possum

We decided to try and get into the city before 11am so we left the cp at 8.45am.

We got to Circular Quay at 10am and walked to the Opera House we paid $90 for a guided tour. This was well worth it as we not only got to see the Opera House in side areas that only if you were seeing a show but we also got to hear the pipe organ being practiced on and the Australian Ballet Company rehearse, along with audio and visual aids relaying the history of the Opera House from it's initial concept to today with the Utzon Hall, a tribute to Utzon.

We then luncheoned on the lower part of the Opera House overlooking the Harbour before catching a ferry to Darling Harbour.

We walked to the National Maritime Museum and went on guided tours of the James Craig, a fully restored by volunteers ship from yesteryear, the Endeavour, and a submarine and a destroyer. We also went into the museum to visit the Charles Darwin Exhibit. I particularly enjoyed it as have just finished reading a book about him and Syms Covington.

We then decided as it was close to 5pm to catch the bus to a train station, Wynaard and then home. We got to Chatswood and we had a sleeping Miranda, so Rhiannon, Sara and I did a quick grocery shop before buying some very yummy asian takeaway from the stalls in the mall of the shopping precinct....

It was dark when we got home and we were all tired but this did not disuade us from doing the night tour of the park with the rangers in hope of spotting some nocturnal wildlife. We also got to release a baby possum. Liam was in his glory chatting to the ranger and learning about the wildlife ....

After spotting quite a few possums and bandicoots, Sean took Miranda back to the caravan for bed. We continued on to find a pair of very colourful birds nesting two eggs.

This was a very busy day .....I wonder how we will feel tomorrow!!!

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