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Rice patty seen driving through Karnataka State.

View from roof of overland truck. The views sitting on top of...

Scene from drive across Karnataka State.

Jog Falls in the low season. Not much more than a trickle,...

Jog Falls in the low season.

Restroom sign at Jog Falls visitors' center.

Resident macaques at Jog Falls.

Resident macaques at Jog Falls.

Resident macaques at Jog Falls.

Resident mother & baby macaque at Jog Falls.

Resident mother & baby macaque at Jog Falls.

Resident macaque at Jog Falls.

View from roof of overland truck of village we drove through in...

Scene from drive through Karnataka State.

Hindu temple seen in town while driving through Karnataka State. Every village...

Close up of Hindu temple we drove past in Karnataka State.

Food vendor on side of the road whom we passed.

It is early evening, and we have already set up our campsite off the road in a rural area here in Karnataka. I've got a little while before dinner, so it's a perfect time for me to write a quick description of today's events.

We left Goa at around 8:30 a.m. this morning and spent the entire day in transit across Karnataka heading toward Halebid, sight of one of the most famous Hoysala temples in India. Although the drive proved to be pleasant, we stopped at only one sight today: Jog Falls. At a height of 830 feet, these are India's highest waterfalls. While at Jog Falls, we ate lunch and watched the numerous macaque monkeys scurry around the parking lot in search of handouts. One thing for sure: we didn't spend a lot of time gawking at the sheer majesty of the falls! We are here in the dry season, so the falls are rather tame, to put it mildly.

Otherwise, today proved notable only insofar as it marked the first time I rode on one of the rooftop seats on the overland truck. In the front and the back of the overland truck, there are seats for passengers to sit on the roof. From the roof I enjoyed great views of the local countryside and villages, and seeing the reaction of the locals to a bunch of foreign tourists - us - perched on the roof of their proved quite memorable.

After a long day on the road today, however, i'm ready to check out some sights tomorrow morning in Halebid...

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