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My hut on Agonda Beach - simple but practical.

Sign for Harmony Hives where I am staying at Agonda Beach.

View of huts (including my own) at Harmony Hives in Agonda Beach.

Agonda Beach.

Agonda Beach.

Agonda Beach.

View from water of huts at Harmony Hives, the place I am...

Agonda Beach.

Agonda Beach.

Overland truck parked amongst the palm trees near Harmony Hives at Agonda...

Main street in Agonda Beach.

Catholic grave in yard of a house in Agonda Beach.

We are still in India! Cow on beach next to fishing boat...

Hindu shrine at Hindu home in Agonda Beach.

Close up of colorful Hindu shrine.

Another shot of main street running through Agonda Beach.

Local residence in Agonda Beach. Some of the houses are very nice...

Catholic grave in Agonda Beach.

Sunset on Agonda Beach.

Everyone who knows me realizes that I am not the type to sit on the beach sunning myself – not for more than 5 minutes, anyway. Today was no exception. I used the day to read, explore the area around Agonda Beach and - during the mid-afternoon heat – surf the net for several hours. For me, this is about the closest I come to a “chill out” day. Given the great pains that using the internet involved in East Africa, and the virtual nonexistence of the internet outside of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, it feels good to once again be connected online in a hassle free manner. India seems to have a very solid internet network, leaps and bounds ahead of what I experienced in Ethiopia and East Africa.

The weather here in Goa has been far more agreeable than I had expected. While the blazing sun is scorching during the mid-afternoon, the weather is really nice until midday and after dusk. There are no mosquitoes, and the ambiance is well, chilled out. Time seems to move in slow motion here, quite a contrast from India’s more frenetic general pace. I can easily see why tourists come to Goa intending to stay for 2 days and instead stay for 2 weeks or sometimes, for an entire season.

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