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Road to King Range Conservation Area

Redwoods filtering the sunlight

Glimpse of the Pacific from the higher elevations

Black sand beach

Known as the Lost Coast

Light colored seals sunbathing

We are standing 440' above the beach

Tidal pools like this one thrive here

Abalone divers

Mendocino light house c.1876

Gone fishing in the icy waters



Black Sand Beach-a hiking trail

Find the people on the beach

With breakfast out of the way and lunch packed we begin a journey up Hwy. 101 and the Avenue of the Giants. We are located in Humboldt County home of the Redwoods. Soon after beginning we discover an interesting side trip, The Lost Cove. In the '20's when the famous route 1 coastal highway was built, this area was deemed too rugged for a road. It became an isolated fishing village. Once you arrive, it becomes a relatively flat seaside resort set amidst a long stretch of sheer ocean cliffs. The area is managed by the Dept of Interior(BLM).

It was a winding 23 mile drive from Redway. Photographers, nature lovers, hikers, etc find plenty to do here. The rocky coast line is home to seals, sea lions, and tidal pools. Here's the hiking conditions...The designated shore is 24 miles long; therefore, your hike is determined by the tides. I don't know if you noticed but much of the beach is rocky. You need to be able to scale the cliff for protection from the powerful waves. At the sign in area there are severe warnings about rescue operations, loss of lives, etc. The hike is a three day backpack adventure. Where do you camp? Designated overnight areas similar to the Appalachian Trail.

One more interesting thing...the light house was built in San Francisco(1867); reassembled in 1868; it had to be able to withstand earthquakes(San Andreas Vault runs along the coast here); you may have noticed the light house is shorter than average...that is to accommodate for the cliff height. Neat stuff!!

Eventually we meandered to the intended route; however, the scenery has included an entire forest of redwoods.

The Avenue of the Giants off the majesty of towering redwoods and quaint small towns. We much evidence of now discontinued logging of the redwoods. Did you know redwood does not rot and is resistant to termite invasion? The oldest tree is 2,500 years old!

We'll move on up the road to the Orick area famous for its lagoon.

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