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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." -- Helen Keller

Kelly and Laura are officially off on a Costan Rican adventure!

Costa Rica is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world. On this GAP adventure, we plan to explore rainforests, beaches, and volcanoes as we travel around the country starting in the capital and largest city of Costa Rica, San José.

Over the course of the next two weeks, we will be traveling from one side of the country to the other. We will start on the northeastern coast along the Caribbean Sea, and then visit the western and southwestern shores that touch the Pacific Ocean.

This morning, June 11, we arrived early in the morning at Lambert to board our 6 a.m. flight. As soon as we arrived, we learned that the bad weather from the night before had delayed our flight, and we would not be able to make our connection. Laura quickly got out her cell phone and called Delta to try and make new arrangements. We got the last two seats on an American Airline flight later in the afternoon that was flying into Dallas and then on to Costa Rica. We spent the next few hours exploring every terminal and wandering around the airport. After we settled in by our gate, we noticed that the morning flights into Dallas had been cancelled. We found out that major thunderstorms had basically shut down Dallas, and it was unlikely that we would make our flight out. We continued to wait, but we tried to make alternate arrangements on the "red phone" with no luck.

Laura paced the airport and kept checking the departure board to make sure our flight was still on. Luckily, our flight departed as planned, even though the one right before and right after were cancelled due to the weather.

After a short lay over in Dallas, we arrived at the Juan Santamaría International Airport in the mid evening.

The airport is named after a young drummer boy who died fighting for freedom in 1865. He helped the Costan Rican army defeat William Walker, a former president of Nicaragua. Walker had taken the country by force and was trying to enslave the Nicaraguans. Costa Rica wanted to keep the poeple in the region free, and so they went to war. Juan set fire to Walker's house, but was eventually killed in the fighting. His actions helped Costa Rica win the battle. Therefore, every year in April, his hometown of Alajuela gathers to celebrate el día de Juan Santamaría with parades and drummers.

We picked up our bags, made it through customs, and arranged for a taxi to take us to our hotel, which was about a 30 minute drive from the airport.

After checking in, we ran into a few other travelers on our tour. There is a young bloke from England, two girls from Canada, and a middle aged male from Denmark.

Tomorrow morning, we will be meeting up with the rest of our group and heading to Puerto Viejo by bus at 9 a.m.

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