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This morning we slept in until after 7:00 AM.

It is another beautiful day with only a very gentle breeze and an outdoor temperature of 77 degrees. That is nearly perfect!

We had our morning coffee and shared a cinnamon roll we had purchased from “Bread & Breakfast” yesterday morning, while it was still warm from the oven. It took a lot of will power to leave it alone until this morning.

Marilyn began sorting laundry and both of us have agreed to get rid of some of the extra “stuff” we carry around, once we get back to Hannibal.

We don’t need all of the clothing we carry around, so Good Will has a gift coming.

I went outdoors to install the new pressure sensor on the left front tire of the truck. With the pressure properly set on that tire, I checked all of the tires and found one of the RV tires lower than I like for it to be. I dragged the air compressor out and aired up that tire, then went on to add air to the air ride system on the RV, including the hitch.

I dragged the ladder out of the truck bed to repair a small tear (less than one inch) in the awning over the living room slide. That small tear was a result of the strong wind we had here a couple of days ago.

I then cleaned a few things out of the truck, folded maps, etc, before Marilyn took the truck to go do our laundry. We’ll arrive at Carlsbad with all clean clothing!

With our chores done for now, we cleaned up and drove into town. Our first stop was at the hardware store, where Marilyn found a couple of small cacti that she had to have, and I found one of the books written by Ted Gray.

Next was a trip to the bank to use the ATM and get some cash.

I saw Joaquin & Shirley at the bank. They walked in front of our truck as they crossed the street to a restaurant. Marilyn was waiting in the truck and didn’t see them as they walked right in front of her. She was busy looking at Ted’s book, “Shades of Texas”.

With money in hand, we drove to “Texas Fusion” for some lunch. They had a smothered burrito on the “Special of the Day” menu, so we ordered that. It was good, and by the time we finished our lunch we were stuffed.

I must say that the restaurant was packed with cowboys and local folks, with everyone shaking hands and greeting one another when they walked in. Many nodded to us with a smile, as if to say “I don’t know you but we’re glad you’re here”.

We drove down the street after lunch and found a book store. We found Ted Gray’s other book in here as well as both of Joaquin’s books.

Marilyn noted that Ted Gray, during his ranching days, had more than 100,000 acres, with over 5000 head of cattle and a remuda of more than 60 horses. He had other interests as well, including banking, etc. Wow! And this is the same guy who walked over to us and asked if we minded if he joined us. Life is sure funny sometimes.

We filled the truck with fuel while we were out, at a cost of $2.139 per gallon.

Back at the RV, we decided to relax to allow some time for our lunch to settle before I cleaned the truck and Marilyn did the preparations for travel inside the RV.

By the way, remember the blimp I spoke of yesterday. Well, it is a radar blimp, in service to detect air drug traffic, etc. The government has these blimps about every 300 miles along the border with Mexico. Thank you, Joanne, for that web site.

Well, tomorrow is moving day.

We’ll be moving to Carlsbad, NM, where we are staying north of town at the KOA. I’ll report on that campground when we’ve stayed a day or so.

We plan to meet Rick & Sherry at the Oasis Resort just west of Amarillo, on Saturday. We always look forward to meeting up with Rick & Sherry.

We’ll explore the Palo Duro Canyon together for a couple of days, before Marilyn & I move on to Oklahoma City.

Then, after a couple of nights in Topeka, Ks, we’ll go to Liberty, MO, for some work on the RV.

After that, it is back to Hannibal for a couple of months.

Today has been an easy, relaxed day of preparing to move.

Both of us are ready for whatever adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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