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Ed checking the ingredients

Now the onions

Get 'em cookin'

getting brown

Looking good!

What! Another windy day!

Marilyn & I both slept so great, going to bed at 9:30 last night, and we didn’t get up until 7:00 this morning. I couldn’t believe that we slept that long.

Marilyn took some bacon out of the freezer to thaw while we drank our morning coffee, but we decided against breakfast.

Later in the morning we had a phone call from a long time friend, Dave Norton, who lives in Wichita with his wife, Judy.

Dave and I go way back to when I gave him some flight instruction for his Commercial Pilot license and later, his Multi-Engine rating.

When I had to fly, Dave filled in for me in teaching my class at what was then known as N.E. Missouri State University. Now, it is called Truman State University, in Kirksville, MO.

Dave flew as a part time pilot with us at Diemaker's Inc, and later flew as a crew member full time with us.

After I went to Flight Safety International, I convinced Dave to come there, where he is still employed as an instructor and a flight examiner for type ratings in the CE-680 Sovereign Jet for the FAA as well as the JAA in Europe.

We have been friends for more than 30 years. He is one great guy!

Dave has cancer and called to let me know that he is going to be in Omaha for awhile, getting bone marrow transplants.

I humbly ask you good people to please keep Dave & Judy in your prayers.

I mentioned the wind in the title of this journal for a good reason. The wind was blowing briskly when we awoke this morning. We closed all of the windows because we are a bit tired of breathing dust and feeling the grit on the furniture, etc.

Having lived in Wichita, Kansas and spending three winters in the Rio Grande Valley, we should be used to wind! We are getting tired of this wind, though. The wind picked up to blow at 30 to 35 mph with gusts to 55 mph all day.

We decided that I should go ahead and cook the French Onion Soup I have wanted to try, in an effort to give our minds something else to think about, rather than the wind.

I sautéed two very large Texas 1015 sweet onions in butter and EVOO, added garlic and sugar and waited until the onions were caramelized just right. I then added a bit of flour to make a roué.

I then added 32 oz of beef broth and allowed the soup to thicken a bit.

Once that was done, I added thyme, a couple of bay leaves and some black pepper, stirring while it simmered for about 30 minutes.

We took two large mugs and put croutons in the bottom to wait for the soup.

I took the soup off the heat, added some optional dry, white wine, removed the bay leaves, and added the soup to the large mugs.

We then sprinkled a mixture of mozzarella and parmesan cheese on top of the soup and popped it into the microwave for 30 seconds to melt the cheese.

It was delicious if I must say so myself. Marilyn & I ate nearly all of it, even though it was supposed to serve 4 to 6 people.

We watched Tiger and Phil make a huge run at the Masters Golf Tournament, and then watched as they dropped out with some bad shots at the end.

The sudden death playoff with three players was a fitting end to a very exciting tournament.

We are still rocking and rolling as the wind whips things around outdoors.

We will be glad to have some calm, which should happen some time tonight.

For now, we plan towatch some TV, including "Amazing Race".

We have some plans for another adventure tomorrow, but we'll all have to wait to see what tomorrow has in store.....

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