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Awake at 6:00 AM, after a great night of sleep, I crept quietly down the steps to the living room.

We had slept with the windows open and, although it was very comfortable under the covers, it was a bit too cool for comfort in the living room. I closed those windows and turned on the fireplace to take the chill off, and sat in my recliner with the laptop, checking the blogs of friends.

I confess that I owe some of you an answer to your e-mails and messages on our journal. I will get around to that, I promise.

Marilyn awoke at 7:00 and came down to put the coffee on. That was my signal to put the computer away and spend some time with my dearly beloved. :)

By the time the coffee was finished, we had spoken to my sister & brother-in-law on the phone. Pat & Steve are wonderful folks, as well as relatives, and we miss them a lot. We spent nearly an hour on the phone with them.

I also spoke with our friend, Charlie Waller, from Uvalde. He is such an interesting guy and knows everyone in southwest Texas, I think. We had a nice conversation. Charlie mentioned a great career opportunity for a young person with a good record, who loves the outdoors. The Government is hiring more Border Patrol Agents. Charlie mentioned that the pay is quite good, also.

I did take advantage of the time that Marilyn was on the phone with my sister, and took a shower. I was getting dressed by the time the two girls finished talking. I’m glad we have unlimited minutes on weekends. :)

I went outdoors, into the increasing wind, and set up the grill, to grill some chicken to use the BBQ sauce on.

I moved the truck to use it as a windbreak, but my fire went out while I talked to Jen and Colby on the phone.

I decided to use a new bottle of fuel so that I would have the maximum pressure, and set up one of our tables, turned on its side right behind the grill, as an additional windbreak.

Marilyn came out and sat at the picnic table to keep me company as I cooked. She did go inside long enough to fix a nice salad to have with the BBQ chicken.

When the chicken was finished we took it inside, covered it and left it to eat later, after we made a run into town.

I have been wanting to cook one of our favorite dishes, onion soup, so we found a recipe which sounds great. The only item we needed was some croutons, which we will use in place of French bread, and some cheese for the top.

I may do that little experiment tomorrow and I’ll let you in on the result.

We drove into town and located the church, then stopped at the grocery store, where we ran into our neighbors from across the street here at the resort. That was an excuse to chat for awhile. :)

Back at the RV, we sat inside listening to the wind in the pine trees, as we ate our lunch.

We are getting a bit tired of the strong wind associated with the storms which are plaguing the rest of the country. We are happy that we do not have the strong rain, hail and tornados. The constant dust and sand blowing around is a bummer, though! It is really dry here and we constantly are drinking ice water or Gatorade to quench our thirst.

We settled down in the afternoon, to watch the Masters golf tournament on TV.

Late in the afternoon, storms were breaking out in the Carlsbad and Hobbs, NM area. Clouds are covering the sky here with the wind and warm temperatures indicating that conditions are just right for some severe weather. We’ll keep our eyes open as long as possible before going to bed tonight.

We have another quiet day planned for tomorrow, but we'll just have to wait and see what tomorrow has in store.....

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