Mari Outside St. Peter's Church - St. Luke Gave it To the...

The St. Peter's Church Story

Mari at St. Pete's Alter

Mari at the Alter of St. Peter's

Mari Getting Holy Water at St. Peter's

Escape Tunnel From St. Peter's

The Exit From St. Peter's Escape Tunnel

We continued on thru Lattakia, Syria and paid our $20 US for the 3 month Turkish visa and continued to this town in the dark...saw a great sunset and forested hillsides on the Syrian side! Now we are attempting to adjust to a new currency and find out how to get around in a new language after 3 countries in Arabic!!! Quite a challenge given we have not had to think about it for over 3 months!

First day here Mari and I visit the church cave where St. Peter first preached to the people in this town...also photographed the cave escape tunnel when things got dicey!

This was where the first people who followed Christ were called Christians...

People seem to be very much more at ease here, or else maybe we are and they sense it!?

Anyway, we are finding the Turkish people in general most helpful and friendly...they freely offer their help when we seem to be struggling with something at bus stop, or in a store, or on the street looking for something, giving directions or drawing a map, etc.

Sent a mailing package from here as well, too much junk to carry around again...I shipped 180 photos plus 6-7 CDs of photos from waaaay back if anyone is interested when they get to Tiff sometime in the next 2-3 months, ha!

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