it's tough job keeping those birds away and guarding the home.

this IS my game face !

This is the beginning of the water heater replacement project. Brother Tim...

All the materials for the project

All measured up and ready for enclosing

Enclosure almost done.

close up, didn't get a pic of the finished project with door...

This is Honey, she and Bambi were friends and playmates.

We've never seen a dog lay like that, cute.

Bird fluttering around the window

Wings a fluttering

Wings afluttering

can you pick out the chipmunk?

where's the chipmunk?

Daff's in the RV park, beautiful!

More Daff's, they told us it was warm enough for spring,

The robins came out in large numbers early, what a treat.

The park without the snow!

Spring has sprung.

We want to thank all those who made our stay in Eugene friendly and welcome.

Going into this care giving situation we knew our position here would be short-term, after 15 weeks we have departed Eugene, OR. We feel have helped Linda get through perhaps the toughest part, surgery and the first 11 weeks of Chemo-therapy. Wanting for us to continue our RV lifestyle, Linda released us and others have stepped in to see her through to the end of this difficult time for her. You'll see the set of pics are a conglomerate of pics from our experience there. Linda and Maury's home needed a new hot water heater, another brother Tim (you'll be hearing a lot about him & his wife Donna, in the near future) and Dave got busy one fine day moving the location of the hot water heater to the outside of the house. In less than a days work, the water heater was installed and enclosed. Others will have to paint it, as Tim and Dave don't paint! ! ! We made friends with lots of birds who liked to sit on our RV ladder in the rear of the RV. The little guys would jump/fly up to catch bugs or something bumping the window with their feet or beak. Of course, this action would send Bambi into fits of barking and jumping on the chair in an effort to scare the birds away. The exchange was always fun and very entertaining to watch. Some days we were so tired, we actually looked forward to the show-down and watch it (if not encourage it) for an hour or so! Pics of spring breaking apart the soil and spouting forth the plethora of color.

Post Script: We've had several positive comments about the raw emotion with which Lisa wrote of the Chemo experience. We thank you and we thank Lisa who so aptly put into words what we all were feeling and observing. It's such an honest statement.

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