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Sunrise at the RV Park

Approaching the modest entrance to show our pass

Enjoying the drive































Santa Elena Canyon







Marilyn & Bev





See the smiling face? Look Left Center

Mule ears

What a road!

Marilyn & I have driven more than 525 miles in the past two days, sightseeing in the Big Bend area. If we had taken our RV to Terlingua, the miles would have been considerably less.

Actually, the RV park in Terlingua looked pretty good, but we chose to stay in Alpine and drive back and forth. It is 80 miles from us to Terlingua and another 30 miles to the Visitor Center in Big Bend National Park.

We aren’t sure about wi-fi in Terlingua but we know there is no cell phone service for our AT&T phone.

I was talking with Jerry Bertelsen this morning when the signal dropped off, and there was no more contact until we returned to Alpine.

The picture taking continues. We have taken about 370 pictures.

I posted 81 pictures on last evenings journal. Wow!

Marilyn took just over 200 pictures today on our visit to Big Bend National Park.

I will share some of them with you in this journal entry. I am trying to get all of the pictures uploaded to Picasa so that you may be able to look at all of them at your leisure. So far I am having no success.

We were on the road by 8:00 AM this morning and before long we were showing our “Golden Age Passport” to the Ranger at the entrance to the park.

Our first journey inside the park was to visit the Chisos Basin.

The drive reminded us of Colorado, with the winding roads lined by pine trees. Some of the switchbacks required us to slow to 10 mph or 15 mph.

There was a sign warning us that trailers more than 20’ long were not permitted. Our truck is 19’ long and we could easily see that the length limit was a wise piece of advice.

Marilyn’s knee is still not completely recovered and she didn’t have the ability to hike much, but her desire to hike was at full bore, so we compromised.

We hiked the short trail to the windows overlook.

She was careful and did ok with that.

Once we finished with this area, we drove to the Santa Elena Canyon area.

That was a long but very scenic drive. We also drove to the Santa Elena Canyon trailhead and hiked part way into the canyon. Marilyn said that she was doing that short hike no matter what!

When we came to a series of steps that climbed up the side of the mountain, she decided to allow common sense to take over and we returned, across the white sandy beach, to the parking area.

We did get some nice pictures at this beautiful place.

The Rio Grande River comes into view from out of this canyon. This is a beautiful area with a white sand beach and plenty of parking so that you can get out to hike a short distance to the River itself.

We had a wonderful day and enjoyed Big Bend National Park.

We’ll show you as many pictures as possible until I get things squared away to upload all of my pictures.

We are now back at the RV.

We’ll have some hamburger patties, cole slaw and a veggie for dinner tonight.

Some TV, maybe a DVD movie, and a good night of sleep will follow.

Tomorrow is a new day and we don’t have a plan firmed up. We do have several options to choose from, so you, like us, will have to wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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