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Four weeks after we returned home from Yellowstone, Steven and I had a few days to ourselves, so we went back to the area. From Seattle, we flew into Boise, rented a car and drove to Jackson Hole. We had arranged to meet a Realtor in Driggs, ID, across the Teton Pass on our second day there. While there is little land available for private ownship on the Wyoming side of the Teton Mountains, everything is up for grabs on the Idaho side. Our Realtor drove us around the area, showing us one new development after another. We certainly weren't in the market for a new home, in fact, we weren't really looking for anything in particular. We were merely browsing. Then she took us to Lot 5 of the Luck-E-Leven Estates.

The name alone should have kept us away, but we went there anyway, and we were awestruck. Lot 5 is a gorgeous 3.25 acre slice of heaven with a coveted "four-peak view". The property is in the foothills of the Tetons, surrounded by the Hole Mountain range to the east and gorgeous golden aspens in every direction. The Tetons are, of course, spectacular, but there really isn't a bad view in any direction. It is simply perfect. As the crow flies, Lot 5 is just across the Tetons from the south end of Jackson Lake in Wyoming, just down the road from the Grand Targhee Ski area, and about 30 miles from Jackson Hole.

Later that day, as we were driving through Teton National Park, we acknowledged to each other that it was a beautiful piece of property, but that we weren't really in the market to buy. About an hour later, Steven said, "I want it", to which I replied, "Let's get it!" and we signed the papers the next day. We returned to Seattle after our four-day whirlwind trip the proud owners of Lot 5. This, we decided, is where we would retire.

A few weeks later, over the Thanksgiving holidays, we returned to visit Lot 5. We were eager to see what our new property would look like in the winter. It was still beautiful, and we did have snow. So much snow, in fact, that our flight home out of Jackson Hole was canceled. After a backward slide down the Teton Pass in our rented Chevy Cobalt, we traded up to a GMC Yukon and headed back to Seattle. We arrived home to find even more snow than we had left behind. It was a scary drive across the mountains of Oregon, even with a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Nine months later, we again returned to Yellowstone and Lot 5, this time, with my in-laws in tow, who were visiting from Ireland. It was this visit, and another the following April, that would lead to our decision to become full-timers.

More on that to come.

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