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On the road to Terlingua




Breakfast stop

Heading west

One part of the view

Coming in to Lajitas

From the parking lot


























RV Resort at Lajitas

We drove through many arroyos

The scenic road

That's Mexico


The Rio Grande




Picnic area







Now that's a HILL





























Interesting place

The hamburger place

“One more gift from God.” Today was just that for us!

Marilyn & I were awake before 7:00 AM and were on our way south on Hwy 118 by 8:00.

We passed several deer, a longhorn steer, and a group of antelope as we drove the nice, wide, highway toward Terlingua, Big Bend, and a scenic drive through one of the most beautiful areas in America.

The scenery was eye popping before we arrived at the beginning of our “scenic” drive. We marveled at the views of mountains and the wide open spaces of the west.

Thanks to our friends, Mike & Sandy, who were here recently, we found the “ChilePepper” restaurant at the edge of Terlingua, and stopped to have huevos rancheros for breakfast. The breakfast was good enough but not equal to Mingos in Mercedes.

Once we had abated our hunger, we headed west toward Presidio, on one of America’s most scenic drives.

From the resort village of Lajitas, the road twists and winds, climbs and descends as it follows alongside the Rio Grande river.

In many places the Rio Grande is within yards of the highway, and it is obvious that a person could wade across into Mexico at those places, or the other direction, if they were so inclined.

The scenery was absolutely amazing, but pictures cannot do justice to the panoramic view required to take it in.

We stopped many times to take pictures, visiting with a group of upscale bikers, working guys from Houston, who were enjoying the scenery also.

At one point in our drive today, we were admiring the awesome scenery across the river in Mexico, and I pushed the button on our CD player.

As wonderful mariachi music filled the air, we both were touched by the moment.

The weather was perfect, just warm enough to be comfortable, not a cloud in the sky, the awareness of total freedom, not a care in the world, jaw dropping scenery, the music, and the knowledge that we were sharing a very special time with a person we love. Both of us felt wonderful!

As Mike & Sandy suggested, we drove west in the morning, to have the sun at our back, and by the time we were ready to turn around, the sun was high in the sky and the scenery on the return trip was just as awesome, as going the opposite direction.

We discovered a movie set for the movie “Contrabando”, and paused in our journey to take more pictures.

We stopped at the Motel/RV Park/Restaurant/Filling Station in Terlingua, to get a cold soda for the drive back to Alpine.

It was there that we got into a conversation with a nice couple riding a Harley. It was John & Judy, from Grand Rapids, Michigan. These nice folks just retired last year and are traveling in a motor home, pulling a trailer which holds the beautiful shiny Harley Davidson. They are also staying here at the “Lost Alaskan” RV Park.

It was after 3:00 PM when we arrived back in Alpine, and stopped at “Alicia’s” Mexican Restaurant for a hamburger and some fries.

Once again, it was Mike & Sandy who suggested we try the hamburgers at this place. You were right, they are quite good!

A few minutes after 4:00 PM we were turning in at the resort.

We stopped at the office to check the phone directory. A guy who once worked for me at Goddard Space Center, has worked at McDonald Observatory for years, while living at Fort Davis. His number is in the directory but is now out of service. I suspect that he has retired and moved away. Too bad! It would have been nice to see Windy again.

So, we are back in our little cabin on wheels. We have a plan for tomorrow and you, like us, will have to wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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