Feely Family National Vacation 2008-2009 travel blog

Leaving on our walk just out of the cp

Sara, Sean and Miranda


Still all ok


racing ahead

Liam spotted this Eastern Water Dragon

Getting hiking sticks....we should have kept them for the later trek

Another EWD

and another

The Lane Cove River

One up close

And in the tree

Climbing the rocks Liam helping others ...Sara this time

Off they go

Note the slope

Coming in after half an hours pedalling

Enjoying an icy pole

The opera house!!

The Feelys and the Woodwards

Nicole took this photo

With the harbour bridge in the background

Trying again

Outside Luna Park

Another photo

Kids being kids

And again

Yet again

We hung around the cp this morning and chatted to couples from Wanneroo, Busselton and Fremantle!!!!

Clare,the wife of thecouple from Busselton is the sister of Ali who is married to Paul Dupuy, a pharmacist who also went to Sacred Heart and the pharmacy we went to in Albany!!! They also know the family we met in Denmark. We most likely will catch up with them in QLD.

After lunch we went for a casual bush hike out of the cp. The walk led us to a boat hire shop where we hired a paddle boat and all four kids and Sean had a go for half an hour. We spotted many Eastern Water Dragons and Liam and Rhiannon nearly stepped on a Red Bellied Black Snake!!!!! After that I was worried as we all, except for Liam in sneakers, were wearing thongs.....It was not meant to be a real bush hike!!! We continued on through mud and grassy areas and all the time thinking we would soon cross back over the river and head back. We finally found a way out of the bush area after Liam got bitten by something small and black....we thought and hoped it was just a big bull ant!!!

We walked onto a street, Fiddlers Wharf road to only after talking to some people we accosted on the street to find out that there is only one spot where you cross over the river and we were a long, long way from the cp. All exhausted we were going to ring for a taxi and we must have looked a very sad and sorry lot as the lady Julie offered to drive us home. We were so, so lucky to have met them. We thanked her and the kids ran off. Miranda trying to keep up fell over and cut her knees again on the bitumen.

We cleaned her up and quickly changed and drove to Milson’s Point to meet the Woodwards. We met on a beautiful grassy area just under the Harbour Bridge with a playground nearby. We enjoyed some sparkling and cheese before the boys went off to get the delicious fish and chips.

It was dark when we finished eating and Nicole suggested a walk to Luna Park and a better spot to take photos which we did.

We said our farewells and then drove along Kirribilli drive and then under the bridge to go back home. Again another late night but not too late!!!

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