Feely Family National Vacation 2008-2009 travel blog

The kids with Ethan

All the kids,Ethan, Fraser and our four(Sienna is at a sleep over...

Sean and Paul

The men again

Nicole (godmother) and Sara

Miranda and Fraser playing house

Ethan and Liam

We packed and were on our way by 9.15am. We drove through many smaller towns and stopped at Thiroul , which was having it’s 19th annual festival. Today, was there street markets tomorrow they have concerts etc on the beach. What a lovely town. We had to buy Sara’s Godmother some flowers as she was so excited on finally seeing her godparents and godsister and brothers. Miranda keeps asking if she will see hers and Sara keeps shouting at her saying hers are back in Perth and it’s Aunty Nat Bella’s mum!!!!

We then went along the ocean road across the bridge into the National Park. We were in awe of the beauty. It is true that the NSW coastline is awe inspiring.We saw handgliders that must have the most awesome view...if only!!!

We drove and drove folling the GPS directions .....I who did not want to drive through the city of Sydney ended up doing exactly that. Ethan’s party started at 3pm ...we were still heading to the Lane Cove CP. We got to the cp at 3.45pm and quickly unpacked washed and changed into decent clothes before heading to Paul and Nicoles at 4pm....just in time to meet Obi one Knobi and the cake cutting.

It was fantastic being amongst friends again and I teared up seeing Nicole finally in Sydney. We chatted to their friend’s, Mark,......, and Terry. Terry and his son, Aidan, were off to see the Swans Vs the Hawks.

After the party and everyone else had left we were able to really talk and had pizza for dinner. Miranda and Fraser were well matched and when Nicole suggested they play Mums and Dads, Fraser remarked to Miranda that he will be the Mummy!!!!! Paul was not impressed though we said he was aiming high!!!

We stayed till 10pm and that was with the clock being turned back an hour tonight so really 11pm in our bodies. Kids were all asleep in the ten minute drive home.

This cp is a national park right in the middle of the city.....how fantastic!!! It won the Qantas Tourism award last year and it is not due to the wonderful sites or the amenties are not as good as others but I think it is due to where it is situated.

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