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We slept great last night but we sure didn’t have any windows open. The temperature fell to 44 degrees, with a steady breeze all night.

The high temperature today, with overcast skies, is forecast to be only 48 degrees. Holy Crap!

It was only a short time back that it was 101 degrees in the valley and we experienced temps in the nineties only a couple of days ago. While those temperatures are not comfortable, I like that better than gray overcast skies with a cold breeze.

The low tonight is supposed to be 27 degrees! What are we doing here!

We had planned to drive up to Fort Davis and visit McDonald observatory today, but we have changed our minds.

We drove into town to have breakfast at McDonalds. We don’t care much for the breakfast but the coffee there is great!

We stopped at the local Thriftway grocery and bought a few supplies to last us a few days.

Now we are back at the resort and Marilyn has decided to do laundry.

I plan now to kick back and read, play games on the computer, and get our financials in order.

We’ll have to turn on the heat tonight! For today, our little electric heater is keeping it at 67 degrees inside and that is comfortable until this evening, when we like to lounge around the house in our pajamas.

The National Championship basketball game is on TV tonight and we’ll be watching that.

We had a joyful phone call from Carl & Linda, who have now closed on their home and are totally free to live the full-time RV lifestyle. They sound so happy! Congrats to you dear friends! We look forward to seeing you in Hannibal when you come up to visit us this spring.

While Marilyn was doing laundry, I decided to fix the sausage, onions, potatoes and cabbage dish that we passed on last evening. I made the RV smell good enough to make your mouth water when you come in the door. Come on over! Ooops, it is all gone! Sorry!

The sun came out in the afternoon and it warmed a bit outdoors, but the cold wind didn’t allow the warmth to have much effect.

Marilyn returned with the news that the laundry here is very nice. The wash cost $1.50 per load and the driers cost $1.25 for 45 minutes.

She worked puzzles and I studied the back of my eyelids for awhile. It was a lazy day for us.

Several new RV’s pulled in to the park and parked in the two vacant spaces on one side of us.

Tomorrow we are planning a day trip on one of the ten most scenic drives in the entire USA. We’ll head to Terlingua and then take that scenic drive toward Presidio. Our plan is to turn around once we are out of the scenery, and return the way we came.

Depending on the time we have, we may explore Terlingua or even drive into Big Bend National Park, although we have another trip planned, just for Big Bend.

So, tonight it is basketball and tomorrow, another adventure. We’ll have pictures for you.

We can hardly wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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