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Today is the final day here at Fort Clark and we still had not seen the Fort Museum or visited the Suttler’s Store.

Marilyn & I drank our coffee indoors and then cleaned up and ventured outside.

It was another absolutely fabulous day, with bright sunshine and a light breeze, with morning temperatures in the low 70’s.

I set to getting the outdoor items ready to move. We had low water pressure so I removed the water filter and tossed it. We’ll get an in-line filter at the first chance.

I also dumped the holding tanks.

Jerry pulled his pressure washer out and suggested that we do a wash job on the rig.

With Jerry’s help, we completely washed the RV in about two hours. I then completed the stowing job of outdoor items and suggested a hamburger at “Daddy’s”. Everyone thought that was a good idea, and Harlan & Betty decided to go along.

I needed to fuel up the truck so Harlan & Betty rode with Kit & Jerry, and we followed along to the restaurant.


I have a bit of a reputation for planning trips to a place which is closed when we get there so I want all of you “rv-dreamers” to know that I am keeping up with things quite well, thank you!

We then followed Jerry to the new restaurant on the Fort property, called “Creekside”. It is located at the golf course and is in a beautiful setting.

After a nice lunch and good conversation with these nice folks, it was time to go fuel the truck and return to the Fort to visit the places we had not seen.

Marilyn & I first went into the store, which has many books about the Fort. The one I really liked was $20.00 and I had read it once when Kit & Jerry loaned it to me, so I passed on that purchase.

We next went to the museum and found it to be quite interesting, with many exhibits and old pictures from the Fort. Many famous people have been here.

The museum is in the building which was once the guardhouse and the cells were quite small.

We returned to the RV around 4:00 PM.

The temperature climbed into the 90’s and we stayed pretty quiet for a couple of hours.

I nearly fell asleep in the recliner.

The temperature reached ninety inside so I closed the windows and turned on the A/C.

Kit & Jerry, we owe you guys big time for your generosity and your hospitality.

Kit & Marilyn seemed to have a plan for dinner. Kit had chicken in a marinade and salad, while Marilyn fixed the left over pork loin and also prepared a huge Texas 1015 sweet onion with butter and brown sugar.

We are going to take a shower this evening before going to bed.

I’m sure we’ll be awake and up early to get on our way to Alpine, Texas, where we will stay at “The Lost Alaskan” RV Park.

I made reservations today for us to stay at the “Oasis” once we reach Amarillo, Texas, on the 18th.

After that it will be Oklahoma City for two nights, Topeka, Kansas for two nights, and a short stopover in Liberty, MO to have some minor repairs done to the RV.

Once those repairs are completed, we will be on our way to Hannibal, where we will stay for May and most of June.

We hate to say “So Long” to Kit & Jerry. They are such good friends and are a blessing to us. I can’t say too much because they read our journal and we don’t want to embarrass them.

All I can say is that when you spend time with these good folks, you are in for a fine and pleasant experience.

Now we have had a nice dinner, our showers are done and we have on clean clothing that we will also put back on in the morning.

We spent some quiet time on the patio with Kit & Jerry, watching some NCAA basketball.

We have had a wonderful time here at Fort Clark, but it is now time to move on down the road.

We just can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store….

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