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Hello Family & Friends,

We had high hopes for Fort Sumner, but for all it's quaint sucked. Sooo, we skipped the Billy the Kid Museum and continued on in a 30 mph head wind for another 45 miles to Santa Rosa, NM.

Santa Rosa's campground was no charm, except the restaurant was right there + the showers, etc were very good. BUT, their control of the winds failed...after a requested move to down-wind doors proved prophetic, the night which started at 70 degrees and ended at less that 45...had gusts up to 60+ causing the trailer to have major gyrations which kept the family awake from time to time all night.

NOW, NOREEN: Before we leave Texas there are a couple things I will always want to remember, like: 1. I saw an oil well drilling right up close, I could smell the oil and see how it worked, 2. I also saw a widnmill right next to the road. I wanted to stop to see what it sounded like, but there wasn't room to turn off with the trailer. It was blowing like crazy and the whole scene was awesome. 3. Before we left the Texas border the agriculture was astounding. The crop rows went on forever. OH, and one last thing, 4. I absolutely loved all the small Texas towns -- each one we passed through had an unbelieveable CourtHouse. It looked like something out of a European tour book. (Lockhart, TX was incredible -- hopefully Bob will be able to post a picture soon).

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