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Our first view of the lake

Standing on the lake! (yes it even took the weight of Steve's...

Get orf my lake! Hotel and skating rink in the background.

All I can say is wow!

Lady path finder

This was supposed to be Steve holding the hotel but I didn't...

About to dive in an ice hole... I said ICE hole

A close-up of the ice hole.. I said..!

Horse and sled

The (blue) frozen waterfall... we definitely need a new camera

again, wow

Climbers abseiling down the waterfall

The walk back

I have my own Chateau!

Our view while eating our crab cakes - Brooker there's one of...

A close-up of the view... past our crab cakes

The first white man shown to the lake in 1882, by two...

Steve's arty shot of the day.. I have to admit it's a...

Inside the hotel

We woke today (11 hours after going to bed...) and my neck was much better, thank goodness!.

Still not really snowboarding better, so we decided to have a day off.

After a nice brekkie we updated the journal and then decided to take a trip over to Lake Louise (I'm still amazing by what a great name that is..).

We spoke to the guy on reception and he said that it was about an hour's walk and the best way to get there was to hitch.... scary!

So we took a map and headed out to the point where most people hitch up to the lake. We were only standing there about 2 minutes and a beaten up old Toyota pulled up... I must admit I was thumbing more enthusiastically for the jeeps and posher cars that passed but he turned out to be a nice guy. Softly spoken at first and reminded me a bit of the local from the Slaughtered Lamb 'Stay away from the moors....!'.

Don't worry, we made it there ok Mum.

We walked the last 200 yards to the Chateau Lake Louise and when we rounded the corner, we were blown away by the view. The lake was completely frozen over and was surrounded on either side by beautiful mountains.

We then spotted that there was a trodden path going straight across the lake. I managed to talk Steve into walking across it. To start with we took each step carefully, making sure we didn't veer off the path but it seemed pretty safe and then Steve was enjoying himself making ice-cracking noises trying to panic everyone.

We walked right to the end, to a frozen waterfall. We took a few photos and were about walk back when Steve spotted a rope thrown from the top of the waterfall. We then watched two climbers abseil down it. Great timing!

We walked back and then decided to have a drink and bite to eat in the hotel. Thanks for the tip Auntie Clare and Uncle Brian, it was superb!

Being the pros that we are, we decided to hitch back. An American guy with a big jeep picked us up. He was great, even got a bit lost on the way back but didn't mind at all. He told us to look him up if we ever pass through Michigan.

We came home via the Bar and Grill in town for an apres walk... bit of a scary place to say the least. Full of locals watching the hockey, the sort of place that the music stops when you walk in..

We had a couple of games of pool there and then walked back to the hostel, where I am now typing the journal and drinking wine while Steve plays a couple of English kids at pool.

What a lovely day.


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