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Manly beach

Manly harbor

Manly wharf

beach stroll

saltwater pool

shopping mall

On this last day in Sydney we were so pleased to be joined by Catherine and Andrew, Aussie podcasts listeners, as well as Alan, another local podcast listener. It has been a thrill for us to think about these folks so far away sharing our travel adventures and RV updates every month. And now we get to meet them!

The week before we boarded the cruise ship, we took a bicycle tour of Manly. This involved putting our bikes on a ferry and a ninety minute security delay on that ferry meant that we arrived in Manly late in the day and had no time to around before we rode up steep hills to the overlook of Sydney harbor. (see February 28 entry)

We decided to return to Manly on the ferry and wander the place in a more leisurely fashion in broad daylight. Even on an autumn Friday it was beach weather here and the town buzzed with sightseers. The part of Manly that faced the open sea was closed to swimmers because the waves were so high, but surfers bobbed on their boards looking for that perfect curl.

The beach walkway that we had zipped along by bicycle, was a wonderful spot for a stroll. We walked and talked. It was amazing that we found so much in common and of mutual interest to talk about with folks we had never met before. I guess that as listeners to our monthly podcast, they knew what they were getting into with us and discussing travel adventures and RVing provoked endless conversation. We ended up at a seaside restaurant continuing the chatter long after our food was consumed. Alan and Ken share many technology and computer related interests. I suspect that they could easily become fast friends if we didn't live 10,000 miles apart. One intriguing topic was the idea of swapping RVs which would enable all of us to afford a lengthier visit to each other's countries without the hefty rental fees we paid in New Zealand. Perhaps with the assistance of Skype and the other ways that technology can shrink the world, we can stay in good contact and arrange some travels together.

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