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Tofu Beach - Mozambique

'Where oh where can Bear be?' This is what heppens when someone travelling for a few weeks does with 1/2 a day on their hands. They steal a plush toy from a fellow traveller, writes some randsom notes and prolonmgs the experience into the night. Ah well we had fun and so did Bear - check out the pics.

Again, it was lovely to stay near the beach, eat seafood and chill for a few nights. Staying in a dorm with 3 boys is perhaps not as lovely, let's just say the air in there was not as fresh as outside.....

Tofu beach is really gorgeous, especially when you can share it with hundreds of local kids. My attempt at playing football with them on the beach proved to be quite entertaining for them...... They have such an agility that I do not posess.

Boy, those Mozambiquan boys can move their bodies! Perhaps I should stay longer?

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