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On the trail

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Ed, Don and Jerry



We were awake at a decent time this morning, having our morning coffee, while listening to the world awaken outdoors.

Kit, Jerry and I were ready for a morning walk on some of the wonderful, scenic trails here at Fort Clark.

Marilyn’s knee still bothers her so she stayed on site to watch over things as the rest of us headed around the circle and down the road.

We saw several turkeys and a couple of deer today, in the yards of people who live here.

We startled a small herd of deer as we walked down the road toward the trailhead.

The beauty of nature, along with the serenity and the quiet on the trail was awesome! Jerry explained to me how this part of the Fort had once had many barracks enclosed by a fence, where German and Italian POWs were housed during WWII.

Today, nearly all traces of that part of the Fort’s history are gone.

As we walked along the trail, which paralleled a stream, the only sounds we heard were birds singing, the sound of rushing water, and the rustle of a small animal in the brush beside the trail.

We returned to the RV’s in time for Jerry to attend a meeting here at the Fort.

I jumped into the shower and dressed in clean, comfortable clothing, for a trip into Del Rio.

Marilyn had straightened the RV and had herself ready to go by the time I finished my shower.

Jerry drove and pointed out places of interest as we passed by.

A.J. Foyt’s ranch looked quite nice, although the main house sits so far back off the highway that it cannot be seen from outside the fence.

Julio’s chip plant looked busy as they make flavored corn chips and sell them in stores around this area.

Traffic was pretty heavy in town, but we soon arrived at the La Quinta Inn, where Kit & Jerry weighed in and returned to the car with the good news of their continued weight loss.

Next stop was at the IHOP where we all enjoyed a nice breakfast.

With a stop at Wal-Mart completed we were soon on the way back to the Fort.

Right across from the entrance to the Fort is a filling station with a convenience store. They serve hand dipped ice cream and I couldn’t help but notice one ice cream which was multi-colored, with very vivid colors of red, yellow and blue.

I couldn’t resist! OK, only one dip, I explained to Kit, who looked at me as if to say, “You really don’t want to do this!”

She mentioned that only one dip was a cup of ice cream, with the creamy dessert mounded up above the cup.

How bad can that be? I reasoned with myself.

I ordered it!

When the lady behind the counter handed me that cup, I could hardly believe my eyes. It was as large as a soup bowl, with ice cream piled in and stacked high above the rim. At least a full pint of Blue Bell Kool Kolors Ice Cream.

I handed over the $1.19 for the cup of pleasure, and quickly grabbed three more plastic spoons so that my wife and these good friends could help me.

Oh No! Not one of these laughing people would help me! I had to eat the whole thing by myself!

Of course Marilyn had the camera out and I received no mercy from the other two as Jerry handed me a towel to wipe up any dripping ice cream.

Well, I showed them! I ate the whole thing!

My tongue was blue, my tummy was stuffed nearly to overflowing, and my answer to the kidding was to ask if anyone had ever seen a person vomit a rainbow!

OK, I will spare you and go no farther with the ice cream story.

Kit & Jerry borrowed a second golf cart and we took off for a tour of the Fort, including some of the trails, even part of the trail we had hiked on this morning.

Don & Ruth who are friends of Kit & Jerry joined us in a third golf cart. They have lived here for more than eighteen years and Don knows a great deal of the Fort’s history.

I will write some of that history for you in tomorrow’s journal entry.

One of the stops we made was at the Fort swimming pool. We watched as some Cutter Ants worked hard to carry small pieces of leaves from a tree to the ground, across a section of lawn to a bridge across the stream and then to a hidden destination.

We were back at the RV sites a bit after 4:30 PM and Jerry immediately began the preparation for our dinner.

Marilyn made a salad, while Kit prepared pizzas, and Jerry made the Dutch ovens ready to bake the pizzas.

A special note for our friend, Mike, who, along with me, couldn't light a fire in Colorado, one night. Jerry used one match to get the charcoal lit and it was ready to use in 10 minutes. I'm taking lessons!

In spite of my earlier thought, that I might never be hungry again, Jerry's pizzas were delicious.

The six people here ate nearly all of the six pizzas Jerry baked.

It must have something to do with being outdoors in the beautiful weather, eating food cooked outdoors. It was great!!

Kit & Jerry have done this to me twice now. In 24 hours, we have eaten two wonderful dinners, a breakfast at IHOP, and the famous One Scoop of Ice Cream.

I admit to tasting a couple of snack items in between the meals, sometime during the day.

I think Kit & Jerry plan to feed me each evening until they see my eyes roll up in my head, and my brain falls asleep!

We are now inside, enjoying the quiet before the next feeding frenzy begins. They plan to serve Blue Bell Banana Pudding Ice Cream for dessert, while we watch some “American Idol” on TV.

Marilyn is sitting quietly with her Spanish lesson and I am working on trying to say something sensible in this journal. She is having more success than I am.

This is a wonderful, peaceful place to sleep and I expect another great night of sleep tonight.

Now, all we have to do is wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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