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Sometime during the night, the wind picked up and was blowing a pretty stiff breeze across our bed this morning.

I was up and dressed before 7:00, knowing that we had things to get done before we leave tomorrow morning.

The wind continued to blow hard all day, with a steady 30 mph breeze, gusting to 40, trying its best to keep us comfortable in the hot, sunny weather.

After we shared our morning coffee, I headed to Weslaco to get the truck detailed while Marilyn sorted laundry and began organizing things inside the RV.

With our truck looking great, I made a stop at Wal-Mart to pick up a few last-minute items, including a prescription for Marilyn.

I had to wander around Wal-Mart for only an hour waiting for the prescription to be ready.

Back at the RV, I ate a bite of lunch and then Marilyn & I began working on our “before moving” checklist items.

I must confess that we have no formal “before moving” checklist. It is all in our heads. Marilyn takes care of the inside of the RV, while I do the outside items, loading items into the basement storage area or into the truck bed.

By tonight we will have the slides ready to pull in and all else ready to roll inside. I will have all of our outdoor furniture stored away, and the bikes loaded, along with our satellite antenna, the stabilizing tri-pod and the ladder.

I will walk or drive the truck to the office to turn in our mailbox key, pay the electric bill, and say “so long” to the staff.

Tomorrow morning we have only to unhook the hoses, hook up the truck & 5er, and start the journey to Brackettville.

We hope to be on the road by 7:30, but 8:00 or even 8:30 is not out of the question because we will not set an alarm clock.

We will be driving northwest on Hwy 83 through McAllen, and on through Laredo and up to Uvalde, before turning west on Hwy 90 to Brackettville.

Our guess is that we will arrive at the site of our friends, Kit & Jerry, around 3:00 PM, but it could be a bit earlier, depending on traffic, construction areas, etc.

Marilyn was off to do the laundry while I stowed outdoor furniture.

Dan & Jan are also leaving tomorrow morning and they walked over to exchange hugs and say “so long”, in case we don’t see them before we leave.

We had to turn the A/C on for awhile because of the warm temperatures.

I did pay our electric bill and turn in the mail-box key, so that is done.

Speaking of bills, did anyone notice how the stock market tanked again today?

That depressed me and I had another rant ready to go, but I decided that it would do no good, and I love this country so much that I want to believe that things will turn out OK.

I am determined that this journal will not be a place to rant about politics, no matter which side you are on.

So we have all things ready to go.

Now, I am off to take a shower and lay out clean clothing for morning.

Tonight I will lounge around in my P.J’s.

Tomorrow morning we will dump the holding tanks, put away the sewer hose, etc, disconnect the water, hook up the rig, disconnect the electric, do a final walk around, and be on our way.

For tonight, we’ll watch “Dancing with the Stars” and try to get a good night of sleep.

There is no way of knowing in advance what adventures tomorrow might have in store…..

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