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Sunset scene from our walk tonight

It was a beautiful morning on our desert and we sure enjoyed our stay there. We were away from people and other rigs. It was a dark night and the stars were incredible. The wind was calm; in short it was a good time. We didn’t want to leave.

But leave we did. We drove into Yuma and filled with fuel and then on to Why, AZ. where we parked at Hickiwan RV park on an Indian Reservation. We have a high wind and will be doing some rock and rolling tonight.

Why is the town called Why? Originally two roads coming into town intersected in a Y. Arizona law said that any new town had to have at least three letters in its name. So the town fathers named it Why. Today, the intersection is in a T, but the name is still the same.

We did have an unfortunate event. We apparently drove away from our spot this morning without removing the scissors that we place between the tires to keep us from moving. Doug usually places the sensor for the indoor temperature/clock in it so we lost both items. According to JoAnn, people have been telling Doug to get another one of those scissors and place them on both sets of tires. People just have this bad habit of talking when Doug isn’t listening! It’s not his fault!

What he doesn’t understand is how we can move with that thing between the tires. Guess that’s the reason people tell us we need two.

We will stay here two nights. Tomorrow we will drive into Organ Pipe NP and give it a quick look-see. Then off to Tucson for the round of Doug’s doctors appointments.

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