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At the top of the peak to creek run, the highest point...

I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched...

Creekside village

The jug is empty.. Steve's not happy.

After our long day yesterday we had a bit of a lazy morning, watching the Cosby Show (how cool!?) and the American version of The Office (less said the better...).

While I was watching these (hee hee), Steve was booking our next stop in Revelstoke.

We decided on a hostel called Poppies and booked for 3 nights, with 2 days riding. Gonna be a bit different to this place methinks!

We also decided that the Greyhound was the best option to get there as no car hire companies seemed to have drop-offs in Revelstoke. The only problem is that it will take 12 hours!

We eventually got up on the hill at at about 1:30 and headed over to Creekside, another village on from Whistler.

On our way up on the lift we got talking to a guy who suggested we try the Symphony Bowl first, we're glad we did! It's a shame that all the powder was tracked out but it would be a good place to head to after a night of snow.

The ride down to Creekside wasn't great and only added to our already tired legs, so we called it a day and had a couple of jugs in the Amsterdam pub.... where I found my scarf that I thought I had lost on our drunken Monday night, in a pocket I didn't know I had. I thought my jacket felt a bit padded....

We headed home via the supermarket and cooked a lovely dinner of halibut and spicy Jamaican rice – thanks Joyce!


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