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In case you're wondering what a $9.00 hotel room looks like...(admittedly, this...


We kept being told that Pushkar is a holy city for Hindus and according to the guy at the travel agancy, there's nothing to see there. That sounded great after speeding through 1001 palaces, so we stopped here for one night. There is a pretty sunset over the town's lake (which actually had water in it), which people watch from a set of steps while drums are played. As it is a holy city (can't remember exactly why it is - some story about Shiva doing something here) there are strict rules against eating meat or eggs or drinking alcohol within the city limits. (resulting in a proliferation of "wine shops" just outside the city limits). However, despite these strict rules, for some reason it has gained a reputation for a good place to smoke marijuana and draws a large crowd of people who take advantage of this aspect of the town. Within a few minutes of sitting on the steps we were offered something good to smoke. The benefit of this to us, though, was it was a nice laid back place to spend an evening and there are restaurants with banana pancakes and Bob Marley music. Actually, it reminded us of Dahab on the Sinai in Egypt with its laid back hippy atmosphere with restaurants (where they tell you eggs are available although not on the menu) with cushions on the floor and No Woman No Cry in the background. Very relaxing.

Well, not relaxing for everyone. In Delhi we met a girl from North Dakota. She complained about travelling alone as a girl in India and getting too much attention from men. The day before Pushkar we met a Canadian girl who was travelling alone, but she thought that there is nothing more than a general interest towards foreigners, regardless their gender. In Pushkar she got a call at midnight in her hotel room from her drunk driver proposing that they should have sex now, and then just stay in bed next day instead of sight seeing. She turned him down firmly, only to be awakened a few hours later by the even more drunk driver and some drunk hotel employees who came to rapeat the offer. Our driver said that if there is 3 complaint like this, the driver will get fired. We mentioned that in the US he would never get hired ever again after he served his jail sentence....

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