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Where we stayed on the beach

Tulum ruins


The last days before heading to Belize have been spent in Tulum, a small town on the Maya Riviera as it is called here. We have been staying in a cabana on a rocky area about 10 metres from the beach. The beach is beautiful however the howling winds which have blown constantly for the past few days have made it extremely difficult to enjoy the beach and the fantastic beds set up there due to sand in the face!

Yesterday we visited the Mayan ruins here which sit on the edge of a cliff over the beach. While the area was scenic, the ruins unfortunately weren´t so spectacular. The most exciting part of the visit was seeing two giant lizards/iguanas fighting each other in the bush, well we think they were fighting but perhaps some bizarre mating ritual. Followed at night by what may have been the best meal we´ve had so far in Mexico - and there´s been a lot to choose between from all the asados (grills), fajitas, enchiladas, seafood, guacamole etc etc....we´ve definitely been around in the food stakes.

Feeling ready to leave Mexico after not enjoying Tulum as much as some of the places we have visited around Mexico City, Oaxaca and Chiapas which were much less touristy, cheaper (food, booze and accom almost double in the coastal towns) and people seemed a little friendlier, perhaps because less tourists (for example in Mexico City on the tube a number of people offered me their seats - certainly not something you do in London for the tourists!!). Tomorrow morning we catch an early bus to the Mexican border at Chetumal and change for a bus to Belize City and then a ferry to Caye Caulker for some spectacular snorkelling and diving....

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