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Fishing along the coast of Roatan

Captain John secures our secondary anchor which had come loose in the...

Ah the joy of being back at sea!

Safe anchorage for the night at the privately owned Isla de Barbareta,...

Sunset at Isla de Barbareta

Abigado from Hole in the Wall, Jonesville, Roatan

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Bound for Guanaja

It all came about because of a phone call. Mike and Cheryl, or “Miguel” as he is known in these parts called from their cell phone as they passed by Roatan on their way to Utila, en route to Belize where they were meeting up with friends. They were returning from Guanaja and I asked Miguel, “Well, was it as great as we told you? Did you love it?”

“Oh man, I think it is my favorite island ever”, replied Miguel, echoing our sentiments from last year's visit. Miguel proceeded to tell me about the big 50th birthday bash they were planning for Hansito, owner of the Manatee Bar and Restaurant, gringo as well as local hangout for this coming Saturday, March 28th.

John and I first stepped foot in the Manatee on Hansito's birthday last year and were greeted like royalty, treated to a free German meal in honour of the birthday boy and made to feel welcome the way all visitors to the Manatee are. This year's bash was going to be the biggest party the island had ever seen, told Mike, 300 people coming, many flying in from Germany.

Well the wheels started turning in my head. The Lighthouse Restaurant only needed me for a few more shifts until a girl returned from vacation. We had intended to head straight for Guanaja when we left the Rio but somehow we got stuck in Roatan, mainly West End. There is always something being shipped to the island, usually boat parts.

Anyways, I knew the Captain was sold on the idea when the cruising guides came out and he started reading. That's my sign. He's a quiet guy, my Captain, so I have to learn to read the signs. He doesn't open a cruising guide unless he's more or less decided to go there. YES!

Then it was the flurry of trips into town for gasolina for the dingy and groceries, mainly coffee and phone cards for both the phone and internet. There is great coffee to be had in West End, but not on the Island of Guanaja, which we learned last year. So three bags of coffee and this and that and we were off.

We had watched the weather all week and it wasn't ideal, but we picked a couple of windows and decided to go part way Thursday afternoon and the rest of the way either Friday or Saturday morning, depending on the wind.

So it's off to sea, off to sea

For we three, Captain, DL and me!

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