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As you know if you read the journal entry for yesterday, it was hot and humid here. Enough so, that we ran the A/C all day. In the evening when I went out to grill, I thought the temperature was cool enough to turn off the A/C and open the windows, so that is what we did.

By the time we went to bed, the temperature inside was the same as outside and so was the humidity level.

In spite of the light breeze coming in the bedroom window, and the air from a fan, we slept poorly, tossing and turning.

In fact when I awoke this morning, I was mad at myself for not listening to my dearly beloved spouse, who told me that I should leave the A/C on all night.

I turned it on this morning and we have left it on all day so far.

Heinz & Irene drove by to pick us up this morning, for a short drive to “The Lord & Irene’s”, which is a unique little restaurant in a house.

There were six Canadians and us two from the USA, so we had a large round table for eight people.

A variety of breakfast tacos seemed to be the primary choice for breakfast, although we did see French toast on the menu.

All of us ordered tacos and four of us added French toast. The tacos were good, the coffee wasn’t very hot or very good, and the French toast was really a deep fried pastry with fruit on top. More like a jelly donut with no hole in the middle and the fruit on top rather than in the middle. OK, so it was only deep fried like a donut. LOL

Ron & Linda, their daughter and grandson, came in and sat at a table next to ours. I had the opportunity to meet the daughter and grandson, and to visit with these good folks for awhile. Ron & Linda live here all year long.

Once we were back at the RV, Marilyn & I made a grocery list and decided to make a run to Wal-Mart. As we were buckled in and ready to start the motor, two nice folks rode up on their bicycles.

They introduced themselves as Bruce & Dianne Watts, who are readers of our journal. I sure hope I remembered the names correctly and spelled them right.

In any case, their first words to us were: “Hi, are you Ed & Marilyn who write a journal?”

It is always nice to meet one of our readers, no matter where we are.

We visited for a few minutes and then continued on our mission to Wal-Mart.

We didn’t spend much time shopping because we knew what we needed and only picked up one item not on the list.

I really enjoy the trip back home from Wal-Mart if I can munch on freshly cooked, still hot, fried chicken gizzards. I can eat them like pop corn. Yummy!

Back in the RV again, Marilyn put some oatmeal raisin cookies in the oven. Man does the RV smell good!

Heinz & Irene arrived right at 4:00 PM for happy hour. We sat and visited, with a cold drink and some cheese and crackers, while I finished cooking the sauce for Ed’s Famous Penne Pasta.

Marilyn served the salad with some hot bread and a good dipping sauce. I then served a small glass of Italian Limoncello, followed by the main course of Pasta. The sauce had sweet peppers, garlic, onion, tomato, mushrooms, shrimp and spicy sausage, all in a cheesy alfredo sauce. It was yummy, and made even better when Marilyn topped each dish with tomato, green onion, and grated parmesan cheese. Of course we had red wine and white wine to go with dinner.

Dessert was served after we took time out to look at some pictures from our trip to Mexico.

Dessert was Blue Bell Coffee flavored ice cream with some fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies.

We were all stuffed by the time we finished dinner, but Heinz and I rebounded quickly enough to win two of three games of “Sequence” from the girls.

Now Marilyn is doing the dishes so she won’t have the clutter in our kitchen when we wake up in the morning. I will help her by drying them for her.

OK, the dishes are done and now we’ll settle down with the TV for some basketball. The Missouri vs. Memphis game is starting and we’ll watch that for awhile.

We have a few pictures to poet for you so I’ll get those downloaded and posted.

We look forward to a good night of sleep with the A/C running, and we just can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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