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Spaniards standing on the heads of the mayans in Merida


Chris in the cenote

Chichen Itza




Concrete bed in Cancun

About a week ago we left Palenque and headed to Merida, an inland colonial town that was built over the five pyramids that the mayans built. Quite fascinating - it seemed from the history that each new mayor drastically changed what was in the town (buildings etc), with the last pyramid being pulled down as late as around 1950. During our time in Merida we went snorkelling in two cenotes which are underground caves filled with crystal clear freshwater, stalactites and limestone formations. The Yucatan has no mountains or rivers, only cenotes.

Leaving Merida a few days later to head to Cancun, we stopped via the ruins at Chichen Itza. While historically one of the most impressive ruins, unfortunately not quite as atmospheric as some of the other ruins we have seen due to the mass commercialisation (how many times can you hear the words ´only one dollar´ or ´it´s almost free!´), the number of tourists and foolishly on our part, visiting during the ridiculous heat in the middle of the day.

Finally hitting Cancun in the evening we were welcomed with streets blocked by protesters and loads of riot police. Action and lots of it from our bus windows! Though not sure why you would mess with the police here, we´ve never seen so many soldiers with loaded automatic weapons driving through the streets. After the cops effectively clearing the streets we made it to our hostel, with the seediest looking rooms yet (see attached concrete masterpiece!). We didn't see Cancun in its full glory (??) but not sure we missed much. Next day headed out early to Isla Mujeres...

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