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In spite of the wind blowing hard all night, Marilyn & I would have slept quite well, except for the mini-blind in the bathroom.

It rattled off and on all night awakening us numerous times. Each time we would think that the wind was surely lessening in strength and it would be quiet for the remainder of the night. We never did do the simple thing which would have been to get up and close the bathroom window.

In any case we were up and ready for the day by a few minutes after 8:00 AM.

We left at a quarter past eight, to drive into town to Mingo’s for breakfast. We were to meet Bob & Lynda Soady at 9:00 but we showed up early to get our coffee fix for the day.

We were happy to see Bob & Lynda, since we had last seen them in Colorado last summer.

They flew in from California and will spend this summer in Washington State.

We enjoyed our breakfast with these good friends and lingered for a long time visiting with them once our meal was finished. The staff at Mingo’s just kept bringing coffee to us and made it know to us that we were not to be rushed off. We left a generous tip when we left.

Marilyn & I walked out with Bob & Lynda and said “so long” with hugs and promises to stay in touch.

We wished we had remembered to take our camera, like Bob & Lynda did. We will have to look at their blog to see any pictures from today.

Marilyn & I had to mail a package to Colby so we next drove to the post office.

Finally back at the resort, Marilyn sorted laundry and was off to do that weekly chore.

I did the dishes and straightened up the RV while she was gone.

I then rode the bike up to see Heinz & Irene. Irene is feeling somewhat better, which is a good thing. I then took off on my trusty bike, headed for the office.

The staff here at Llano Grande has requested that residents fill out a form, stating the things we like and do not like about the resort.

They give a free mug to each person who completes the form. They also gave me a day-planner for 2009.

When I returned to our RV I discovered that Marilyn was already home with the laundry done.

Around “Happy Hour” time, Marilyn & I went outdoors to sit on the patio with a glass of wine. Dan & Jan walked over to join us and we had lots of good conversation with these new friends from Canada. Dan was a Constable in Law Enforcement and Jan was a Principle of a school in their home town.

Once again, we didn’t take any pictures. We really need to do a better job here!

Another neighbor, Jim, walked over and introduced himself. He is a brother to a lady we met here last year.

When our happy hour ended, Marilyn went back inside to prepare our dinner, which was quite good.

We settled down to watch the President’s news conference. I sure would like to see something which gives me confidence that our nation will get out of this mess, instead of digging a deeper hole.

The resort is having cable TV problems this evening and the local networks are not on the air. Bummer!

I raised the antenna and switched to the “air” vs. “cable” to watch “Dancing with the Stars”.

We look forward to a good night of sleep tonight and, as usual, we just can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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