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Everglades view

Everglades swamp

Everglades scenery

more Everglades

a working Post Office!

they actually sell stamps here

a few postcards still to do...

alligator close up

really not that far away

alligator eyes us up

they swim too


check out the teeth on that baby!

Megan or Keira for breakfast?

turtles basking

is that turtle climbing a tree?

a bird that swims like a fish!

serious scales!

never mind the alligators, let's climb trees!

plotting something...

hide and seek

Monday, March 23rd

We hit the road again today just before midday. We decided to take the Tamiani Trail – the more scenic, if slightly longer, route from one coast to another. We didn’t really know what to expect – whether there would be alligators roaming freely at the side of the road or we would be underwhelmed. The scenery was beautiful and it was not long before we hit one of the tourist landmarks at Ochopee – a tiny post office. Bizarrely we needed to go to a post office as the very few post cards we had written at all had been in my bag for several days as we didn’t have the correct stamps, so that was a stroke of luck.

There were several swamp like pools dotted at the side of the road as we continued on our drive and Frazer thought he saw an alligator in one but we were really going too fast to be able to verify this. Then I definitely saw one in a pool on my side and we were going to turn back but decided instead to turn into a picnic area on the left hand side further ahead as there was parking there. We were not disappointed. Clearly this was a place that alligators and other wildlife like to congregate as they had built a wooden viewing platform along with some very primitive toilets (Keira called it a “pot” although Frazer assures me “pit” is more appropriate).

There were lots of alligators as well as turtles, fish and many birds including one (pictured) that swam like a fish, very strange! The alligators ranged in size but all were close and as Frazer held both children precariously on the wooden railings (they couldn’t see from floor level) I must admit I felt slightly nervous. It was great to see them though.

As we continued on our journey we saw several more alligators from the car and felt very much that it had been the right decision to take this route rather than sticking to the highway.

We didn’t make bad time at all and got to the Ramada in Florida City around 4:30pm. After having dinner at a restaurant next door we headed over to the retail outlet nearby for a spot of retail therapy. In the end we only shopped in Gap and the girls and Frazer did best. (This trip has not been at all kind to my waistline so I will be aiming for the UK’s summer sales before I will be buying too many new clothes!!).

We will be heading down to the Florida Keys for the last leg of our trip tomorrow. Can’t imagine it will be a very early start as Megan has only just gone to sleep (10:30pm here)!

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