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There was a brisk breeze blowing across the bed when we awoke this morning.

Marilyn put the coffee on while I read aloud the blogs of friends. Howard Payne cracked us up with his “Slim Jim” story. Both of us laughed out loud and I thought Marilyn might have a hygienic indiscretion before she stopped laughing.

Look at the rv-dreams.com website if you don’t already read Howard’s blog.

We had all of our windows open and the strong wind rocked our RV today. We have had a week or so of just awesome weather, but the famous “Texas Wind” is back. It is humming today!

Marilyn cleaned up the RV while I took my shower and put on some clean clothing.

We then drove to Mingo’s for breakfast.

Once we had finished a fine meal we drove up to the bank to cash a check, and then drove to Wal-Mart for groceries.

Back at the resort we unloaded our fresh stock of goodies and relaxed for awhile.

Dan dropped by to visit for a few minutes and asked me to join several other guys at the pool hall.

He picked me up in his golf cart and we rode down to the Pool Hall, fighting the strong wind all the way. Heinz rode his bike to the pool hall and was out of breath when he finally arrived, from fighting that wind all the way.

John, George, Heinz, Dan and I played 8-Ball on two separate tables. I was pleased by my play today and did pretty well.

On the way back to the RV, I had a phone call from Bob & Lynda, who arrived in Harlingen today. We plan to have breakfast with these good friends tomorrow morning. It will be nice to see them again.

Once we were back at our site, we gathered on Dan & Jan’s patio to have a cold drink and visit with each other.

Once I walked over to our own RV, Marilyn & I watched the last part of a pretty good movie, together.

Marilyn fixed some Tuna Helper for our dinner this evening, and we settled down to watch some TV.

It will be a good evening if the wind dies down a bit. Otherwise, we’ll just have to hang on to our bed covers this evening when we go to bed. It is either that, or close the windows and turn the A/C on for the night.

So, it has been a windy but wonderful day and we just can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store…..

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