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Welcome to Mexico

"Gilbert & Louise" enjoy a toast

And the sombreros

How about those Coca Cola Girls!

Going home with these young ladies

Marilyn & I ate our dinner yesterday at a “later than normal” time, for us.

As a result of that, I suffered from indigestion most of the night and didn’t sleep well. That’s twice this week!

It is amazing how our expectations change, depending on the circumstances of our lives. In this retirement lifestyle, the stress level is very low, and we simply get so used to having a great night of sleep. So, when we have a restless night, it is unusual.

Now that I have bored you with these UBI‘s (Useless Bits of Information), if you are still reading, I will let you know that Jennifer called this morning to tell us that she has passed her Clinical Exams and she is now finished and only has to take the “State Board” exam to become a Registered Nurse.

We are so proud of her for what she has accomplished! She did it all on her own. Being married, raising a child, and working a full time job as a LPN certainly did not make it easy for her.

She has had a wonderful support system with her husband, Steve, her in-laws, Al & Gloria, and her Mom & Dad, who help when we are in Missouri, and we are always here, at any time, to offer a shoulder for her to lean on.

One of these days I will have to write a journal entry about Jennifer.

We know that many of you loyal readers feel as if you know Jennifer, and we all appreciate so much, your support, kind words and thoughts, as well as the prayers for Jennifer and for Colby.

I guess, in reality, you too, have been part of her support system. Thank you for that!

Marilyn put our coffee on this morning, and then Heinz walked over and invited us to have coffee with them on their patio.

Since we were waiting for a call from Jennifer, I put both of our phones in my pockets before Marilyn & I walked across the street, full coffee cups in hand.

We sat with our good friends, enjoying the wonderful morning, the birds singing, the comfortable light breeze, hot coffee and good company. What a fine way to begin our day!

We talked about the Tourist Appreciation Day held in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, yesterday. Heinz & Irene took the “Gilbert & Louise” dolls with them for the trip over the border.

I will show pictures to prove that “Gilbert & Louise” had a good time. They shared a toast with Richard and Heinz, wore their little Mexican sombreros, played with the Coca Cola girls, and finally went home with a little girl and her baby sister. A fine way to end their “proxy” visit to the RGV this winter.

Gilbert & Louise, you are dear friends and we have missed you this winter season. We look forward to seeing you next season!

We hope you have enjoyed the pictures of your “stand-in” dolls, and we want you to know that you have been in our thoughts and prayers. We trust that your recovery is complete and you will be ready for our usual activity here next winter.

Once the coffee was gone, we returned to our own little abode, and left Heinz & Irene alone, as they prepared their rig for a short move to the vacant site owned by Ted & Sue. Since Ted & Sue’s site is on the first street, across from the park and the swimming pool, we teased them about moving to Boardwalk and Park Place, leaving us alone here on Atlantic Avenue. LOL

Marilyn decided to defrost the freezer, which doesn’t take long but is one of those chores which must be done once in a while.

We took care of a little gift for Jennifer, but we can’t tell you about it yet. Wait until she gets it and then we will share that with you.

Marilyn sat outdoors to enjoy the awesome weather while I chose the recliner inside, where I watched more of the NCAA tournament on TV. I cheered out loud as Missouri won a squeaker from Marquette. On to the sweet sixteen for the Mizzou Tigers. Yahoo!

About the time my eyes were blurred from all the basketball, my rear end was also worn out from sitting all day in the recliner. I felt somewhat like a slug from sitting around all day.

Marilyn & I made some tentative plans for this next week. Tomorrow I’ll take Marilyn out for breakfast at Mingo’s, stop at the bank to get some cash, make a stop for groceries, run an errand, and we’ll be finished.

Tuesday, I will get the Pressure Pro system all set up for the tires on the RV and the truck.

Wednesday, I need to have the truck washed, waxed and detailed.

Heinz & Irene will be guests at our home on Wednesday evening and we’ll be joining them for breakfast on Thursday.

We need to make another little day trip to Mexico, before we leave Llano Grande for the season. That will likely be on Friday.

So you can see that it gets a little bit busy as we prepare to leave the valley.

Now, we look forward to “Amazing Race” tonight, as well as “The Unit”, followed by a good night of sleep.

We hope all of you good folks have had a great weekend!

Now we just can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow might have in store…..

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