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Hello Again Everyone!

We have had another good week in Liberia. Jerome and I are getting used to cooking water leaf, casava and bean stews. We are also getting used to shopping in the overcrowded markets for our daily meals.

P.A.C work has been going well. We have been making some contacts with PMU (Pentacostal Missions Union) who may help us with a car and accomodations in order to travel into the interior of Liberia on monday. PMU is a swedish organization that helps set up clinics and churches. We have been invited by the Makona River Union to attend a conference in Sierra Leone (Koindu) on the 25th. This is an organization that is trying to maintain peace between Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. This is a big issue as much of the fighting happened between these 3 boarders. In return for using PMU's vehicle we will be conducting a few medical workshops in some of the clinics in the interior. Again nervous and excited about this. We are very interested in visiting the Lofa region as it is very isolated and access to any technology/information is minimal. We are crossing our fingers that the transportation works out : )

It continues to be very hot here, probably about +30 and humid. Jerome and the P.A.C staff played the younger boys who play at P.A.C in a soccer match. It was great, EVERYONE was watching Jeromes every move and cheering him on. The staff lost in the end but it reminded me of all the good 'ol Acme alumni games.

We think of everyone often at home, our thoughts are with the Davis family.

Lots of love

Robin and Jerome

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