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Alone at Bucksport



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Casino boat

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Oyster shells

The cheap fuel ($1.65 a gallon)in Fernandina had another big advantage. The port has one of the best channels to the Atlantic and if one wants to avoid the wavey Georgia waterway, it is an opportunity to make some north/south distance outside. Early on St Patricks day we headed out to return at the broad St Catherine's estuary and make our way up to Killkenny for the night's anchorage. Without any green beer or brisket, we had to settle for an Asian stir fry. Not to be deprived of some Georgia waterway, the next day was spent finding our way slowly to the lower Beaufort...the one in South Carolina. We arrived after the marina closed and settled for pizza at one of the toney spots along the waterfront.

It was at about this time that we began to realize that the temperature was way too low for our liking at this time of almost-spring. Whether South Carolina has edged up in latitude or we have developed a thin blood syndrome, it was getting damned uncomfortable in the early morning, once out from under the covers. Our departure from Beaufort was delayed for a reason not related to the temperature, however. We had to wait on the courtesy car to make a run to Bi-Lo for some groceries. We shoved off a bit after nine and settled in to the sinuous waterway.

For some reason the tides were in our favor for most of Thursday and we soon passed thru Charleston and found a nice anchorage just off the Deweese Island ferry landing. Friday night was a cold and windy one, but we had a secure hook and a pile of warm blankets. Saturday was another lucky day on the tides...as we headed up the rivers on a flood and down on the ebb. Saturday night brought us to Bucksport a place that we had stayed last in 2004. The marina and restaurant were closed for the winter and the temperature seemed to confirm their miscalculation. We tied up and called to the remote operator for permission. They promised to come to the dock in the morning, and we were too tired to ask for a time.

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