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Gordon's RV is looking good!

Another look

Is Ed having a yard sale?


Working on Ed & Marilyn's RV

I didn’t sleep as well last night, as I have been doing. In spite of that I awoke a few minutes before 7:00 this morning.

Marilyn stayed in bed until I heard her stirring around. She then got out of bed and came down to the living room wearing “old shedder”.

She put the coffee on and I went outdoors to get the lawn furniture, bikes, etc, moved away from the RV. We were having the RV washed and waxed this morning, so if I wanted to keep the stuff dry, I had to move it.

That little chore didn’t take long and we were inside enjoying our coffee when “Steve II” arrived and began working on Gordon & Juanita’s RV.

They washed Gordon’s RV and then moved over to wash ours while one or two guys stayed behind to wax Gordon’s home on wheels.

Gordon, Juanita and I sat outdoors for awhile watching the action, but they were soon finished with both rigs.

I put things away and then dumped the holding tanks. I visited with Dale & Linda for a few minutes and with Heinz for a bit, before returning home to have a bite of lunch and watch some basketball.

We tried to stay off our feet to rest our banged up knees today. My left knee is still swollen and Marilyn’s right knee is painful. It is no fun getting older!

Later in the afternoon, around 4:00 PM, we walked across the street to Heinz & Irene’s place. We joined these good friends on their patio with a cold drink. Pete & Cathy, who stay on the site next to Heinz & Irene, came over to join us. We all had a nice visit and the time passed quickly.

We broke up at 6:00 PM and Marilyn and Irene went inside while Heinz and I made a trip into town to pick up some pizza for dinner.

When we arrived back at the resort with two fresh baked pizzas, the ladies had the table set and were waiting for us.

We enjoyed the pizza while sharing in good conversation and a glass of wine.

With our appetites satisfied, we moved to the living room to look at some pictures from Heinz & Irene’s trip to the Yucatan in Mexico. We then looked at some of the pictures from our trip to the butterfly sanctuary.

We finally moved outdoors to look at the star-filled sky, with a cup of Spanish coffee, which is one of Heinz’s specialties.

Irene set several lit candles on tables outdoors and we sat in the quiet stillness of the night, enjoying the coffee, the star-studded sky, and the company of good friends.

It is difficult to imagine a more contented feeling.

It was nearly 11:00 PM by the time Marilyn & I returned to our own little cabin on wheels.

We have had a pretty relaxing day and we look forward to whatever adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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