E and P Australia Excursion 2009 travel blog

Golf at the Surfers Paradise Golf Club

Lots of little dudes on the course

One more glass for the collection

Another sunset from our room

Tee Off Lizards

We start our day today with 9 holes at the Surfers Paradise Golf Course. We were a little rusty.. but had a great time. Every hole had a group of lizards that come out to watch you hit. Its a little unnerving having 16 sets of eyes on you... If you hit into the trees there are 100 exotic birds yelling at you. I hit one of my balls a little to far and it rolled over the green close to the water.. Elton says done let the croc get you when you are over there... ha .. very funny.. I don't think much of his comment.. until I am in my back swing and I hear this big splash in the water right behind me.. I shot the ball about a 100 yards the other way with my putter.. There was a 12 year old girl taken by a croc last week. Today there was an earthquake in Melbourne and there is another cyclone up in the north west... Is there anything that we have missed on the this trip. We dined at the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner tonight and I got my Hurricane Glass... afterwards we strolled along the water front market...

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