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Texas has a big heart, at one time it was the biggest state in the nation. Six different flags have flown over Texas; Spain, France, Mexico, Confederate States, The Republic of Texas, the the United States, in that order. With a history of six nations over this giant land, it is no wonder there is a diversity within the borders of the second largest state in the United States.

Texas boasts two interesting facts, people are citizens here from each of the other states and Texas citizens also live in each of the other states.

It was good being back in the area Barb and I served for two years. Seeing friends we had laughed, cried, hugged, prayed and worshiped with was a blessing beyond measure. It had been two years since we were in Palmdale and the Los Fresnos area and time was erased in an instant seeing our friends here.

Journeys are made up of many ingredients, like the items required to make a great meal, memories of journeys also require all the proper spices, flower, proper mixing and sometime baking to bring the full flavor of the memory to the present.

When we saw and visited in fellowship, we saw time erased, over 700 days of absence was dismissed with a hug and re-bonded with another hug.

IT was better then good to be back, it was sad, to leave but the blessing of the visit out weighed the good byes, because we know there will be another hello, either here on earth or eternally in heaven!

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