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Interesting barn


Our camp site


"SKP" escapees

Once again gated

Park built on former stagecoach road

Leaded glass on rec hall


Balancing rock

Boon docking(no hook-ups) is exhilarating for a short time. The notion of real camping looses its zing quickly. We are functioning at full capacity now. Being in the city of Fresno was interesting enough to return in two weeks for further exploration. I don't know if observations without interaction hold any validity. That being said, here follows our observations of city life: communities gated including condominiums/apartments; landscaping extraordinair, home & building design lavish, many "crotch rocket" bikes, Hell's Angels not seen, fashion abundantly obvious including make-up & hair, specialty shops/restaurants/markets abound, valet parking popular(evenCheesecakeeeseCake Factory), as many parochialrachoial schools as public(uniforms worn at both), surprising show of American flags in yards, businesses, & farms, overbearing publicity re "green", in contrast pollution takes your breath, life is fast & loud and businesses use razor wire around the rear lots. You have a mental picture of metro-USA,right? Interestingly cities have well defined boundaries; the farm land picks up immediately. The fields are immaculately groomed and the farming is so organized. Thinking on this, the lay of the land is conducive to productive farming.Joaquin San Juaquin Valley we haven't seen one lazy bone. Sierra Park(Escapee Park) is welcoming. Today was laundry day and a trip to the casino (-)$4.00 bal. Mid-afternoon lunch was tasty and keeps us from eating again later in the day. Saturday is the big day to meet Corky's daughter,Jill; husband, Wally; grandson, Miles. We are gathering for 8 days at Yosemite NP. Family fun photos will be coming!

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