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The Theatre da Paz

A local canoe

Renovated dock area with restaurants

We had a hell of a night journey which should of taken 12 hours and actually took 16 hours. The road was bumpy all the way (no sleep) and someone threw up three seats behind us and their sick made it's way forward to under our seats...... oh and it was freezing cold as the a/c must have been set to 10 degrees !!!!

We had reserved a hotel in advance, hotel Unidos. It was fine and had a tv with english channels, what a luxury ! We had a walk around town but everything was shut and we were told it was all shut until Monday. We had some food before returning to our room for the evening. We meant to head out to a restaurant but we were just too damn lazy and it was raining hard so we read and watched English tv.

As everything was still closed on the Sunday we took a walk around the main square where there were market stalls and lots of people milling around. We had a look at the theatre and had some stall food. It then started to rain so we headed for the internet.

In the evening we went down to the dock area which has been renovated. We had a lovely Italian dinner (Lasagne and Fusilli Carbonara). Then wandered back to our hotel.

We were going to organise a boat from Belem to Santarem and then fly to Manaus from there. However, we went to look at the boat that was leaving that day and it was not very nice (to be polite). There was no place to stand for Nick ! We checked on other boats but none were going for a few days. Therefore we decided to get a flight to Santarem instead. After a quick look around Ver O Paso ( a market at the river front) we headed off to the airport to catch our 'Rico' flight (R$220).


Hotel Unidos - English channels on TV, clean and cheapish (R$60).

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