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Mex-trans...they don't use mowers - they use machetes

Local transportation

It would be a day full of Curva Peligrosas aka Dangerous Curves

Agave growing along the roadside - they make Mezcal with it.

A distillery

Lunch stop - very few spots along the road were big enough...


Town of Matatlan - capitol of Mezcal production!

Ken making friends at the gas station - this officer was working...

Home sweet home!

Briefing time: 0700

Visit with the students: 0730

Departure time: 0800

Parked at campground: 1500

Distance traveled: 145 miles

Staying at: Tule RV parking

Amenities: our side of the park - nothing, other side 15 amp & sewer

Because yesterday was such a long driving day we did not have our nightly briefing. Instead we got up at what has become our normal time and had an early morning briefing. We were told that the ’payment’ for last nights ’camping’ was to spend a little bit of time with some of the English class students. What a delight they were. Most of them spoke no more English than we do Spanish. Fortunately, teenagers are the same the world over - the boys stand around trying to look cool and the girls giggle! Ken even took a group of them on a ’tour’ of our RV - I don’t know who had more fun, my 8 year old or the students!

Once the kids headed back to class we loaded up and hit the road. Today’s drive was through the Sierra Madre Mountains and afforded some completely different scenery. We went from an elevation of about 600 feet to 2500 feet and finally up to 6378 feet. It was slow going but our average miles per gallon were actually higher due to the lack of topes!!

We pulled into our campground, set up and than met with Eugene, who will be our guide for the next couple of days. Once we were done with our briefing we walked over to the restaurant next door for a dinner of goat tacos. Ken and I both enjoyed the goat but we don’t think we will be ordering it again!

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